The Ins and Out of Kahoot

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is an online platform which can be used to create assessments such as quizzes, polls and discussions. Kahoot is interactive and engaging. One can access a Kahoot from any electronic device connected to the internet using a pin code, which can be found on the presenter’s screen. Kahoot is a customizable and fun tool that can be used in various group settings.

The Basic Guide to Using Kahoot (Cheat Sheet: an informative guide on how to use basic Kahoot features)

To log onto the Kahoot dashboard

To join a quick round of Kahoot

How to use Kahoot effectively?

Kahoot’s Features & Uses:

Kahoot can be used as an educational review, either at the end of a lesson or on it’s own. As Kahoot is interactive and competitive, it allows students and teachers to gauge their understanding through the learning strategy of calibration. As well students who are typically too shy to answer or are not engaged will want to participate since the results are based on a user name and only highest scores are shown.

Kahoots can be used by presenters in poll mode, to reflect on how students are comprehending their lessons. Teachers can see anonymously how the class is feeling about the lesson and use it to adjust their lessons to the needs of the masses.


Ghost mode can allow students to repeat the same assessment (possibly before and after a lesson) so students can see their progression in timing and accuracy. Teachers can also use this mode in between classes to compare similarities.


The person who conducted the Kahoot can download the results, by doing so they can see general trends in learning as well as see who is struggling without accessing them for marks.

Kahoots are fun for all! Who doesn’t love to compete? They are also a great way to make students pay attention during presentations.

Review with Kahoot! Did you know you can do more than just make Kahoots? You can find them on the web as well! To do so just search under public Kahoots the level, category or topic and you can access thousands of Kahoots.

Kahoot encourages learning in a collaborative setting. Although students are competing many will work together and teach each other when there are gaps in their understanding.

Why is Kahoot so useful?

Kahoot uses a variety of learning strategies:

  • Generation Learning – In the age of technology learning on the web is the only way to maintain the attention of the young. By using one’s phone it prevents students from using their phone for other devices in class, keeps the audience focused and entertained and allows students to demonstrate/practice their knowledge. Additionally with thousands of Kahoots online, students can use this website as a study tool for practicing many different questions.
  • Calibration – The art of judging where you are at. As humans, we suck at this. However with the test students can see how well they would do in a mock test trial. At the end the student’s results are shown and they can compare their ranking to the rest of the class. This exercise will also help students understand where they can improve.
  • Reflection– This can be used for both the teacher and the student. The students can reflect on how they felt taking that test. Was it easy? Did it feel natural? Were there areas you struggled in? Teachers can use it to get feed back about their presentation and see what they need to improve upon.
  • Retrieval Practice – Kahoots cause students to recall the information that they have learnt and apply it to answer questions. By using a Kahoot it allows for retrieval practice to better prepare students for assessments. Additionally as Kahoot is similar to the style of a typical assessment, students can create ques to help them recall consolidated information.


Top 5 Educational ways to use a Kahoot:

  1. Kahoots are useful for teachers to test students prior knowledge, judging on time and results (which can be further analyzed after downloading). By starting off a lesson with a Kahoot teachers can see what skills need to be built upon and later use the same Kahoot to see how much information was absorbed
  2. Kahoot can be used before a test as an engaging form of review. This will allow students to use calibration to see which topics they need to further expand upon. Additionally it allows students to see similar questions to the ones on their test.
  3. Kahoots can be used for teachers to gather feedback. By creating a Kahoot survey teachers can get anonymous feedback, with controlled options. This feedback can be used after a lesson or unit to ask about students preferences, enjoyment, engagement, or confidence in a subject. This is useful for teachers when they offer extra help.
  4. Kahoot can be used to encourage participation. Many students too shy to participate by raising their hands can feel a sense of security when they answer online. Additionally Kahoots are fun and competitive so everyone can get involved.
  5. Kahoot can be used for student collaboration, again by assessing students in groups some students who are too shy or do not feel they need extra help can work with others to solve harder problems. These harder problems will allow the “stronger” students to practice and the students having more difficulty to learn how these problems are solved and work with others if they have any questions.


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By: Sloane Kowal & Michelle Lui





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