What is it?

Momentum is a Chrome extension that replaces the default New Tab page with an attractive and uncluttered personal dashboard. The dashboard features a personal greeting, a different inspiring quote each day, a minimalistic to-do list, as well as a convenient weather widget.



You can install the extension by visiting the Chrome Web Store and entering “Momentum” in the search bar. Once added to your browser, it will automatically reconfigure your New Tab page the next time you open a new window.

The first time a tab is opened with Momentum, you will be given the option of logging on with your email to enable location settings.

Once on the dashboard, you can set a daily focus, which will reappear with each new tab load and help to keep you motivated throughout the day. You can also track your progress by writing and checking off tasks in the to-do list, found in the bottom right-hand corner.

To make important sites easily accessible, you can add them to the Quick Links toolbar in the top left corner of the page.

Using the magnifier icon there, you can search the web directly from the new tab page.

If location settings are enabled, you can also check the weather for your city in the top right corner.

Finally, you can click the gear icon in the bottom left-hand corner to show or hide widgets and personalize your space.


Why use Momentum?

Momentum is tailored to help tame the procrastinator within each of us. It effectively refocuses our attention on what is important, even as we are in the process of digressing from tasks, and provides a clean and calming visual with all of the essentials that a student needs.


By: Alyssa and Winnie

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Desmos Demo Slam

This online graphing calculator helps visualize and compare graphs and equations.

Just type in the equations into the side bar and the graph will appear as you type.

To change colour of the graph, go to Settings and then select the graph you would like to edit.

Clicking on the graph will allow you to choose it’s colour.

There is a built in keyboard with all of the functions you can use, so just find the one you need and put it into the sidebar.

For this demo slam, we incorporated a variety of functions to create a snowman.

It was a fun, simple way to demonstrate how to use this web tool for new users.

The equations we used are:

Function of a circle: (x – h)2 – (y – k)2 = r2

  • h represents the horizontal shift
  • k represents the vertical shift
  • r represents the radius of the circle

Function of a line: y = mx + b

  • m represents the slope
  • b represents the y-intercept

We also used the slider function on Desmos to animate the snow falling.

The slider function allows users to set a loop on a variable within an equation.

We used the variable i in the circle function:

(x – h)2 – (y – i)2 = r2

Now the circle will continuously shift down by a value of i.

Users can change the speed and direction of the loop by changing the settings of the slider.

For our falling snow, the slider was set at 0.5x speed and the loop would begin from -1000 and run to 1000.

by Devika Lekshmi and Hugh Yoon

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Demo Slam: Spot the Difference

Paint is a simple, but useful tool that is found on all Windows computers. Though there are many things you can do with it, I have seen other people use it to highlight key information, instructions, or steps on pre-existing pictures. Consequently, I have been using this method for those purposes and so, I have outlined below the 7 steps I use.

  1. Screen shot the webpage/program/document on your screen using the “print screen” button on the keyboard
  2. On paint, click and hold “cntrl” + “v” on your keyboard or press the “paste” button on the toolbar.
  3. If there are extra things on the image that aren’t necessary or are distracting, crop it out by clicking the “select” tool on the toolbar and dragging a box over the area you would like to keep. Then press the “crop” button on the toolbar.
  4. To highlight a specific area, first choose a colour using the colour picker. Make sure “colour 1” is selected as this is the one that changes the outline of the shape – “colour 2” changes the fill.
  5. Make sure the “fill” option is set to “no fill” and the outline option is set to “solid colour”. Pick the rectangle tool (or whichever shape you want to use) then click and drag on the photo to create the shape.
  6. If you need to move the shape, simply use the “select tool”, click and drag to encompass the entire shape, then move around the shape using your mouse or the arrow keys.
  7. Click and hold “cntrl” + “s” on your keyboard to save your image.

Check out the Demo Slam video below to see these steps in action!

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SHASLAM – Michelle & Maya

Download Shazam from either google play or the app store. Its free! This app is useful for finding the names of songs and their artists. All you have to do is press the shazam button on the screen! It’s that easy!

Other fun features that you can find on Shazam include seeing what’s trending in the music world and who’s shazaming it. There is also a complete list of everything you’ve ever shazamed. Finally, enjoy a playlist put together to suit any mood you have. The simple interface makes it easy to access all of these features.  


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