Demo Slam—–Hundred words killer

by—- Sijie zhao(Rita)

Hundred words killerdemo slam 1

Which is an application that helps students memorize words.

For example, IELTS (international English language testing system), TOEFL (test of English as a foreign language) and SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) these exams results can be used to apply the universities. And there are also lots of other kinds of vocabulary lists that you can choose. So in order to get the standard results or good marks for the exams, having a huge vocabulary is really important for international students

  • You can also download the data to keep your record without Wi-Fi.
  • There are lots of different ways to help you memorize such as doing a dictation, choose the correct meaning or pictures for the words.
  • You can also add your friends and see their activities everyday, having a match with your friends about remembering words can be a huge power to inspire your learning.



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Technology Tool: Remind


Official website:

Remind is a service that enables teachers to communicate with students and parents via text, without having to share phone numbers. It allows teachers to send notifications to the entire class regarding upcoming assignment deadlines, test dates, field trip forms, homework tips, etc.

Forgot that the forms have to be collected by Monday? Let your students know over the weekend. All it takes is a simple text. The instantaneous nature of remind notifications is convenient in many ways, from informing students about last-minute classroom changes, to locating a missing student during a field trip.

Ultimately, remind removes the communication barrier between educators and students. Due to the nature of remind, this service has a wide variety of applications for teachers, students, and parents alike. In an era where information and communication technology is becoming increasing relevant to our lives, remind bridges the gap between technology and education.



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Demo Slam – PhotoMath

By: Nervil Anor


     Photomath is a free app which utilizes the phone’s camera to read and analyze mathematical equations. It makes math simple and easy by showing step by step on how to solve math problems.


Learn how to solve captured problems through a step by step guide given by the application. You can also enter math problems using an simple and intuitive math keyboard. Results will instantly appear on-screen as you type also making Photomath a great calculator replacement.

Photomath provides:
• Lightning-fast camera calculator
• Powerful math keyboard
• Step-by-step solution

Photomath supports:
• Arithmetics
• Fractions
• Decimal numbers
• Linear equations
• Equation systems
• Several functions like logarithms

More complex problems such as integrals, trigonometry and derivatives are also supported but currently work without detailed solving steps.

Try It Out!

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Demo Slam – Duolingo


By Helena Cai and Hanna Wang


image02Duolingo is a free platform to learn language that includes a website and application by a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges.



image09First step: Choose the language you want to learn based on your first language. The language in the bracket is your first language and the one before the bracket is what you try to learn.







image04Second Step:
Duolingo will provide some basic words for the beginners to get familiar with the language. If you learn a little bit of the language, you can choose to skip the basics by doing a test on it.









Third step: When you finish learning the lessons, you can choose to take a test to solidify your memory. The test includes mutiple choices, traslation, listening and writing. If you want to consolidate several days later, you can test again.     


Duolingo is fun, easy and addictive tool. The lessons are effective, and it has been scientifically proven.


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DEMO SLAM : Priority Matrix

By : Mahfam and Thea

Priority Matrix is a free task management app that organizes your tasks and keep your priorities straight.

In order to use this app, simply click on the quadrant that relates to your task and create your activity. The 4 categories, Critical and PressingCriticalIdeas, and Uncategorized, ensures that you use your time effectively and tackle the most important assignments first.

The preset categorizes are inspired by the Eisenhower Matrix, a simple and effective decision making tool to maximize productivity. The quadrants can also be changed to fit your unique needs.

The app allows users to track their progress, set alarms and notifications, create daily/weekly reports, email projects, and sync to their other apps and devices.



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Demo Slam: Evernote Web Clipping Feature

By: Emilie + Jess

To use Evernote, simply create a (free) account with an existing email address and you are ready to use all of its features!

You can create notebooks and within those notebooks, add notes, web pages, extensions, images and screenshots. We will focus on the Web Clipping feature; you can take screenshots of web pages, annotate them and add them into a notebook.


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Technology Tools Implementation Idea: Desmos

Subject Area: Mathematics

Course: Calculus and Vectors

Topic: Many Topics

Task: Curve Sketching

Technology Tool: Desmos


One of the fundamental skills that students are expected to develop in the study of calculus is the ability to sketch any given function. More specifically, students are expected to be able to determine the behavior of a function at various key points, through function analysis and differentiation. Curve sketching is a large part of the course, and often times, students find themselves clueless as to whether or not the curve they have sketched is even remotely accurate. This is particularly true when the function involves logarithms, long polynomials, and fractions. Often times, students check their work by plugging in certain values into their calculator, replacing ‘x’ in the function with random values.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

It is recommended that Desmos is only used after students have already tried their best to sketch a function. There is no need to worry about typing complicated functions, as you can simply type in ‘sin’, ‘arctan’, ‘e’, ‘x^3’, ‘d/dx’, ‘log’, or ‘sqrt’. Don’t have a laptop with you in class? There’s an app for your phone!

Sketching related functions (ex: revenue and cost): Desmos allows you to graph many functions as a time. The functions are color coded, making it very easy to see the point of intersection between two function. In addition, students can define a function in terms of other functions, a very useful feature in calculus.

Checking your steps: When finding the max/min/inflection points of a graph (as required during curve sketching), students must find the function’s first and second derivatives. Desmos can graph not only the function written in the textbook, but the derivative of the function as well! Just type (d/dx) before the name of the function. In the event that a student realizes that his final curve does not look right, he or she can go back and check the accuracy of the first/second derivatives.

Checking your key points: Desmos also provides the coordinates of a function’s key points (max/min, inflection, roots). They are labelled as dots on the graph, which you can press to reveal coordinates.

Why and how would this technology tool improve student learning?

The benefit of being able graph functions on Desmos extends far beyond the fact that it can save lots of time when doing calculus homework. When students check with their calculators, they often only check points that they consider essential to the function. For instance, a student may notice that (2, 30) is a max point on the graph, and check that setting x to 2 will result in 30. However, he or she may not realize that another max exists in the function. Perhaps (2, 30) is a point on the function, but not a max! Thus, Desmos not only saves time, but provides 100% accuracy (given that the function is inputted correctly).

There is no doubt that Desmos is a very useful tool for calculus students who are perfecting the art of curve sketching! It will improve their confidence (and mark!) on quizzes, tests, and exams!

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Demo Slam – Messenger


By: Ansh Juneja and Ion Buzdugan


To start using messenger, visit and log in using your Facebook ID. Now you can start messaging your Facebook friends distraction-free!

Messenger allows you to send personal messages instantly, create group chats, send messages, GIFs, videos, stickers, and even record your voice.

Check out this video which demonstrates this great technology tool!

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Demo Slam- Text Fairy

 By: Salome & Peter

image039     Text fairy is a great app that allows people to convert picture into text. Most likeable thing about this app is that it is very fast and easy to use. Students are able to download this app in their cellphones. Therefore, they can use it anytime, even if they do not have computers with them. Text fairy can be used for educational purposes. For example, when students want to get a copy of an article for English class, they can take a picture and convert it into text in seconds in order to highlight key terms and find literary devices. Also, this app can  be used for other purposes. For example, when we get a review sheet for coming test from our teachers and we want to add more notes, we can use text fairy to convert picture into text and add our own notes. Text fairy plays an important role in our lives by helping students not to waste their time for typing their essays, assignments, etc.  In our opinion, all students should use this app to make their lives easier. 

  Here is a demo slam to give you an idea how to use text fairy. Enjoy it! 


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