Snipping Tool Demo Slam

Getting Started

The Snipping Tool is a simplistic tool that you can use to snap and save a picture of any area on your screen, with many customizing options. You can find it either under your task bar (located at the bottom right of your screen) or in the start menu by searching “Snipping Tool”.


The Menu

After opening the Snipping tool, you will have 3 options: New, Cancel or Option.

By clicking “New”, you can pick what type of screenshot you want. You can choose freeform, which allows you to drag your cursor around what you would like to snip, rectangular, window, or full-screen snip.  


Under options, you can choose to activate up to six check boxes that include preferences for an outline, prompt to save snips, and screen overlay, to name a few. There are also various colors that you can choose from for your snip outline.


Cancel allows you to continue to interact with your screen, while having the menu bar open at the bottom.


The Customizing Toolbar

Immediately after capturing your snip, the customizing bar will open. There are many options to pick from including; taking a new snip, saving your image, copying it, sending it as an email or drawing over top with a pen or highlighter. Additionally, if you want to delete your drawings you could use the eraser to erase the ink.


There are many different pen styles that you can choose from. To change the pen style, simply click on the arrow beside the pen and select “Customize…”. Here, you can choose your preferred color, thickness (fine/medium/thick), and tip (chisel/round). If you draw something and want to delete it, use the eraser.


After taking your snip and customizing it, you can either save it, send it as an email, or paste it (onto a document or an online chat). To send it as an email, you will need to validate your email address.

Have fun using the Snipping Tool 🙂




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Google Forms Cheat Sheet

Google Forms is an online tool that allows you to create and analyze surveys, quizzes, and forms for free. Anyone with a Google account and internet access can use Google Forms. Not only is Google Forms great for surveys and polls, it can also be used in education in the form of assessments. Teachers can create an assessment on Google forms for their class to do online. After, the teacher can view the results on Google Sheets and and mark and email the results to the students using the Flubaroo add-on.



Google Forms has a lot of fun themes to suit any topic of your form. And if you don’t like them,you can customize your form by uploading a header image from your computer or from Google Drive. You also have the option to change the background colour of the form and page.

Form Settings and Confirmation Page

You have the option to show a progress bar at the bottom of the page, randomize the order of your questions, or allow the responder to only respond once (required login). Furthermore, you can customize the confirmation page by writing your own message, providing a link to respond again, showing a link to the form results, and allowing the responder to edit their response.

Types of Questions

Your form can include many types of questions, such as text, paragraph text, multiple choice, checkboxes, choose from a list, scale, grid, date, and time. In addition, advanced settings are available. You can add a maximum or minimum character count, shuffle the options, or allow only numbers to be inputted.


A Google account is not necessary to respond to a Google Form.  Who can respond, edit and view a Form can be adjusted at any time.  Responses to forms are automatically loaded into a new Google Sheet but they can also be viewed as a series of pre made graphs.  Forms can still be edited and viewed once shared to get responses and notifications can be received to keep up with response activity.


Work with your friends on a Google Form by inviting them via email. Once your form is made, publish the link by clicking the “Send Form” button. A new Google Forms feature is the shorten URL option which allows the responder to easily type it into their browser. Then, you can send the link via Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, or email.


Possible Uses For Education

  1. Flubaroo: A Google Sheets add-on for educators that automatically grades assessments created by teachers in Google Forms.  The fast, customizable grading provides results in Google Sheets along with analysis tools for studying student results.  Among the many options teachers are able to send personal results to each student with or without an answer key as well as view which questions were problematic for the majority of students.
  2. Collaborate with a friend or two to make practice questions for a test.
  3. Teacher and student communication is very important. Teachers can use Forms to get feedback from the class. The information gathered can then be used to improve lessons according to the students’ interests.
  4. Often, a lot of time is wasted on debating the best assessment or presentation dates. With Google Forms, teachers can plan a schedule without wasting class time by making the class vote on the best date that fits their schedules.
  5. Forms can be used at the end of classes to test student’s knowledge on what was just learned.  By viewing the result graphs that are automatically updated by Google Forms teachers can accurately gage whether students understand what was taught as well as indicate problem areas where many students may have had difficulties.


Videos for further exploration

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Links for further exploration

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