Demo Slam – Messenger


By: Ansh Juneja and Ion Buzdugan


To start using messenger, visit and log in using your Facebook ID. Now you can start messaging your Facebook friends distraction-free!

Messenger allows you to send personal messages instantly, create group chats, send messages, GIFs, videos, stickers, and even record your voice.

Check out this video which demonstrates this great technology tool!

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Technology Tools Implementation Idea: Evernote

Subject Area: Science

Course: Biology 11

Topic: Multiple Topics

Task: Test/Exam Review

Technology Tool: Evernote


There is a huge amount of content which needs to memorized in biology, and all this information must be properly consolidated before a test or examination. This information is presented in various forms; online powerpoints, the textbook, the workbook, and other handouts. All this needs to be brought together in one medium to connect the pieces and study without constantly switching tabs or flipping papers.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

Evernote provides a clean and safe way to take notes in separate “notebooks”, yet still be quickly accessible through its navigation menus and search bar. Images and diagrams from powerpoints can be copied in alongside the text in the notes. This allows students to pull all the important information they need from different sources and have it all in one place.

Why and how would this technology tool improve student learning?

This tool allows students to apply interleaving by combining the information from different topics/units into one place. It helps form connections between various biological processes and definitions, and generally creates a better understanding of the material, rather than having to memorize individual pieces of information. The process of making these personalized notes also includes the process of elaboration, as you are choosing and re-phrasing various bits of information to include, consolidating those memories as well as creating more retrieval cues for those concepts.

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Desmos and Symbolab


What is it?

Desmos is an online mathematics tool in which you can graph various functions in an interactive window. It can be accessed online and is also available in the Apple Store and Google Play for mobile users. It is a very useful tool for understanding and applying course material in Advanced Functions, and especially Calculus.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

What can it do?

Desmos allows you to graph relations between two variables, represented by an equation. It allows the user to zoom in and out of the graphs, which is important for functions which display their behavior over a very large or very small scale. It also allows you to graph multiple functions on the same set of axes. This in itself is very useful when we we are comparing different types of functions and their properties, or when we are looking for the intersection between two or more functions.

How does it help you?

Desmos can be a very effective study tool if used properly.

A common misuse of this technology is when students graph the given functions before trying to solve the questions themselves, and then try to use this graph to reach the solution. This actually hurts their chances of doing well on evaluations, as they will not be able to use this tool and will have to think for themselves.

A better way of utilizing this technology would be to solve the given question, and then confirm your solution with its graph. This creates a better understanding of how the graph was formed, and how the solution to the question relates to the graph.



What is it?

Symbolab is a powerful mathematics tool which can solve and show steps for many types of problems. It can be accessed on the web and is also available for mobile users in the Apple Store and Google Play. Its standout feature, step-by-step solutions, comes in very handy for all subjects which involve mathematics, such as Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Business, etc.

Symbolab Math Solver

What can it do?

A better question would be what can it NOT do? Symbolab offers tons of features which can prove useful in solving problems:

  • Algebra Solver
  • Vector Operations
  • Trigonometry
  • Derivative Calculator
  • Integral Solver
  • Statistics
  • Geometry
  • Series
  • Chemical Reactions

How does it help you?

Symbolab is different from most other online mathematics tools, as it shows you the steps to the solution. This feature is used best when you attempt to solve the given question before putting it into the online calculator. This way, you are able to compare your own steps you took with the calculator’s steps and pinpoint where your mistake is, if any.



Educational Uses of Desmos and Symbolab

  1. Allows students to review step-by-step solutions to mathematics problems:  they can understand how the solution is obtained, and catch exactly where they may have made a mistake in their process.
  2. Teachers can quickly graph functions: useful for marking tests and creating new problems for students.
  3. Students can successfully complete the technology portion of their Advanced Functions and Calculus courses: there are sections of mathematics courses which require students to be able to use graphing/computing technology to solve a problem, and these tools are exactly what they need to solve those problems.

How do these tools impact your learning?

Interleaving: Using these tools can help solidify our understanding of and form connections between many different subjects. For example, using Desmos to graph a function and Symbolab to find the area under than function allows us to see the relation between a function and its integration.

Repetition: Using graphing tools such as Desmos multiple times helps us remember what the graphs of certain functions look like, and also vice-versa (what types of graphs are the result of certain parent functions).

Generation: Solving problems and being able to see the steps that were taken to solve them allows us to create our own method of answering such questions.


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