Wolfram Alpha Demo Slam

What is Wolfram Alpha?

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine of objective data designed to take in free-form natural language input and output dynamically computed results. To put this another way, Wolfram Alpha is a database of facts designed to take in any question you ask it and give you an answer. While this may seem similar to Google or other search engines, Wolfram Alpha will actually directly output facts from it’s database for you, while Google or other search engines will simply provide you with links to websites with what you searched for.

How do I use Wolfram Alpha?

The easiest answer to that is just to type in any questions you have. However, Wolfram Alpha is also computational, which means that it will try to understand whatever you typed in. This can lead to very precise results. For example, if I were to type in “Apple 1”, I would get information about the Apple 1 computer.apple1

Here, typing in Apple 1 gave me a factsheet about the Apple 1 computer, but what would happen if I were to type “Apple 1 vs Apple 2” into Wolfram Alpha?


Now, typing “Apple 1 vs Apple 2” into wolfram alpha has gotten me a factsheet allowing me to compare the Apple 1 and Apple 2 computers. This will continue when I type in a third computer, comparing the Apple 1 to the Apple 2 and the Apple 3.


Here, 1 search in Wolfram Alpha has yielded us the same amount of relevant knowledge that multiple searches in google would yield. This isn’t limited only to computer models, you can also use Wolfram alpha to compare the nutritional facts of foods or stocks.





Wolfram Alpha has facts likes these saved on countless topics, you can look up elements, dates, math equations, recording artists, and basically anything else with objective facts.

Happy Exploring!

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Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Evernote

Subject Area: Science

Course: Grade 12 Physics

Topic: Multiple Topics

Task: Formula Sheet

Technology Tool: Evernote


Grade 12 Physics is filled with many equations to learn and understand. While the textbook has information on all of these equations, the information is spread out through the whole textbook, and contains much more information than necessary.

Suggested Use of Technology

Notebooks made in Evernote for different units with each note covering a different equation. These notes will contain information such as the variables used, what these variables represent and the applications of the given equation. These individual notes while separated into notebooks by Physics unit, will also be tagged based on the variables used in the equation and how those variables are measured, allowing students to find equations from multiple units that use the same variables.

Why and how would this improve student learning?

Evernote allows students to have easy access to all the equations they will need for the year. It provides these equations in an organized manner allowing students to explore all the equations they will need for the year, and allows them to learn these equations at their own speed. This also allows students to have easy access to all the equations necessary, since Evernote is accessible via computer and mobile device, as opposed to having to flip through a notebook every time one needs to find a certain equation. This can also help students review, providing a database with all of the relevant variables available for them to learn and understand.

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What is Evernote?

Evernote is a powerful cross-platform tool that allows you to take, organize and share notes. All your notes are accessible via Evernote’s website, their mobile apps and their computer programs. Evernote’s unique organizational tools help students to stay on top of their schoolwork by helping to efficiently organize notes, so they can be accessed with ease in the future.


Evernote’s Features and Uses

1. Notebooks

In Evernote, you can save notes to different notebooks, with the ability to move a note from one notebook to another with ease. Notebooks can be used to organize notes by topic. For example, you can save all of your favorite recipes into one notebook, and have all of your biology notes saved into a different notebook on the same account.

2. Tags

Evernote also uses tags to organize various notes, so you can search through notes in multiple notebooks based on what tags they have. This can allow you to find notes related to similar topics in different notebooks. For example, you may be looking for notes with the tag “vectors”. This tag may be attached to notes in both your physics and calculus notebooks, giving you access to more information than if you were to only check one of your notebooks for this information.

3. Reminders

You can also set reminders in Evernote for upcoming events. Reminders will appear in your notes as checklist items, so you will be reminded of these tasks every time you open Evernote. You can also set a date and time for the reminder. Since Evernote is a cross-platform tool, any device you have with the Evernote app will give you a notification, and you can also receive email notifications about this reminder.


Why Is Evernote Useful?

Organization: Evernote provides it’s users with many different tools to organize their notes, so each user can organize their notes in the way that it suits them best. Evernote also allows users to efficiently organize both personal and professional notes all from one account.

Collaboration: Evernote makes it easy for users to share their notes with other users, encouraging teamwork and collaboration amongst users.

Interleaving: Evernote users can easily mix notes from multiple units together in one notebook, as a way to practice interleaving, with the ability to re-organize their notes with the click of a few buttons.


Educational Uses of Evernote

  1. Review: Evernote allows users to access all of their notes in one place, making it easy for students to review all of their notes whenever they choose.
  2. Organization: Evernote allows students to quickly organize all of their notes so they have time for other tasks.
  3. Sharing: Evernote makes it easy for students to share note with each other, making it easy for students to catch up on missed lessons, and for students to study together.

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