Ion B and Ansh J Portfolio

Our tasks included the following:

  • Create 4 eDocs
  • Make a step by step tutorial on how to make a blog post on the website
  • Re-design the guidance section

The 4 eDocs were not an issue, but they had to be redone after we handed them in because the teacher was send a new version right as we finished.

Then, we made a tutorial on how to create a blog post.

You can see the Google Doc Here

Next, we also used WordPress to re-create the Guidance page of the website. With the teacher’s approval, it will look like this:

2016-04-13 09_47_21-Student Services _ William Lyon Mackenzie CI

The placement work has been pretty interesting and engaging so fun, and we look forward to continue doing it.

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Technology Tools Implementation Idea –Slack

Subject Area: Science
Course: Grade 12 Physics
Topic: Projectile Launcher ISP
Task: Create a projectile launcher to launch something as close as possible to a given distance
Technology Tool: Slack


Students are supposed to plan, build, test, and use a projectile launcher to launch their projectile onto a given distance said by the teacher.

Suggested use of Technology Tool

Instead of using Facebook Messenger, it would have been better for the group to set up a slack chatroom such that we had conversations only about the project. This would mean that we would have a place to talk about random things, and then a place to talk about the actual project. This would be useful when looking for something about the project, and having a place where we would talk solely about the project, stay on task, and get things done a lot more efficiently. Additionally, we would use the other tools that Slack offered over, such as uploading files and creating a shared file similar to that of Google Docs.

Why And How Would this Tool Improve The End Result?

Since our group consisted of friends and we talked in and out of school, it was very difficult for us to stay on task most of the time, and we would end up getting sidetracked all the time and end up talking about something unrelated. This had two negative impacts on productivity and communication. Our productivity decreased because we strayed off task easily, and took a while to get back on. This meant that we spent a lot of time not doing or talking about the project when we were supposed to. Obviously this decreased productivity as we weren’t actually working on the project all the time, and straying off would disrupt the idea flow we had. Secondly, the times that we were actually working on the project where then lost in the mounds of talk about random things, meaning that our actual planning and work had to be located any time we had to use or talk about it. Both of these things decreased the productivity and efficiency of the project.

If we were to use Slack, we would have a chatroom where we would be able to fool around and talk about random things, but also a place where we would talk just about the project, and if we ever needed to be productive, or find out what we already did, we would go there and wouldn’t have to filter through all the other talk that was useless to the project. Moreover, since we were using (the Facebook Messenger standalone), we would not be able to upload files to the conversation. Using Slack would allow us to upload files we were working on such as a progress report, or create a shared file such as a list of things we need to buy. Overall, this would let us plan things quicker, but also better since we would stay on task and not disrupt the flow of the conversation and keep ideas coming. In the end, this would result to us being done quicker than we were, but also free up time on a day-to-day basis when we were talking about it, since we would be done planning and would be able to move on to other work as opposed to waste time sidetracking.

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