Google Goggles Demo Slam

Google Goggles is a very useful tool to keep on your phone. It works by opening the app and once the camera is in focus, taking a photo. After scanning the photo, it will try to identify what it is, and either give you the option to search it on Google or show you similar photos if it could not identify.

Works best with books, famous landmarks/logos, art, business/products, barcodes and text. It doesn’t work well with people or objects.


  1. Open app
  2. Take Photo
  3. Browse similar images or search results
  4. Translate/copy text

Additional Features:

  • Crop (only scan part of a photo)
  • Flashlight (to take brighter photos)
  • Upload Photos (for Goggles to scan)
  • Save images to phone
  • Help menu

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