Demo Slam: Evernote Web Clipping Feature

By: Emilie + Jess

To use Evernote, simply create a (free) account with an existing email address and you are ready to use all of its features!

You can create notebooks and within those notebooks, add notes, web pages, extensions, images and screenshots. We will focus on the Web Clipping feature; you can take screenshots of web pages, annotate them and add them into a notebook.


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Technology Tools Implementation Idea-Evernote

Subject Area: Science

Course: Grade 12 Chemistry

Topic: Multiple topics (chemistry, environmental science, politics, economics, agriculture, biochemistry)

Task: Create a comprehensive report on the scientific and social implications of a chosen topic related to chemistry (e.g. Chernobyl, Agent Orange, Chemical Warfare and the Geneva Convention, Nuclear Power, Genetically Modified Foods).

Technology Tool: Evernote


This project encompasses many facets of science. It demands that students approach their chosen topic from a variety of perspectives, so many sources must be used. Without a program like Evernote to help organize their notes, students are forced to create an unorganized smorgasbord of all of their research. This makes it difficult to compile a cohesive, concise and well-organized report.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

With a program like Evernote, students can create notebooks for the different topics they are exploring. If I had known about Evernote when I did this project, I would have created a notebook for each of the topics listed at the beginning of this post, with all relevant notes and research under each notebook. This would save a lot of time by helping students remain organized in their research right from the beginning. In addition, the “Tag” feature of Evernote is particularly useful. Students can create multiple tags while compiling their notes, so that they can make cross-topic connections and cross-reference their sources. This simplifies the struggle many students have with proper APA citations, since they can add a tag with the author/source on every note.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

This technology aids students with calibration. Evernote allow students to organize their notes with minimal effort, enabling students to keep track of which sections/topics they are the most comfortable with. They can review their research and see which topics they have the most information on, which topics they are the most comfortable presenting and which categories need more polishing. Evernote grants students with the opportunity to check the quality of their understanding and subsequently their research, before they start to compile their report. This ensures that there are fewer gaps in their understanding of the material that may hinder them later on in the project.

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