Puush (Screenshot/Cropping Tool) Demo Slam


What is Puush?

Puush a simple and versatile screen-shotting tool which would allow you to quickly capture a portion of your screen, upload an image file and share it with a URL, which is automatically added to your clipboard after upload.
(Note: Screenshots are automatically uploaded to your account or an image link)

Starting out

Firstly, you would have to install the program by first downloading it from here.  Afterwards, you have the option to make an account in order to store the photos that you choose to screenshot or upload.  Once the program is finished installing then you will be able to access it from the Windows search bar (this is using Windows 8, however it can accessed on any version of the OS by clicking on the Windows icon on the bottom left-hand side of the screen and searching it).


After launching the program it will appear within the taskbar showing that it is active.


Using the program

By right clicking the icon in your taskbar it will bring up a list of tools, settings, recent uploads and other available options.


By opening the settings page you will be able to do a variety of things with the program.


Some of these options are:
– General settings, where one would be able to change how puush functions while its active on Windows
– Key Bindings, this would be where you can assign different key combinations to work with specific functions
– Account, where you would be able to access the link to your account allowing you to access your library or to log in/out of the program

(An example of what your account library would look like on the site)
– Advanced Settings, which would be for altering the way the program saves/uploads files and which screens it would capture on your desktop

Puush offers a wide range of tools for use such as:
1. Capturing the current open window which is convenient if you would like to exclude other open tabs without the hassle of clicking and dragging your mouse across the entire window.
2. Capturing the desktop which would be useful if you don’t have immediate access to it (you may have may programs open)
3. Capturing just an area of your screen with a click-and-drag cropping tool.

Educational Use
Puush would be useful within an educational setting because it allows for quick, convenient uploading and storage of screenshots.  This would be handy for working with group projects because you would be able to quickly send a segment of your progress to other members in a fast and efficient way. You could also be just sending someone homework from a PDF they might not have, or the full solution to a problem that you have completed on Windows Paint or another drawing program.  Overall Puush provides both a fast and practical way of sending pictures to peers and not only that but it saves and stores the pictures on your account (if you so choose to create one) if they are needed for later use.

By: Kien Tran & Nathan Sharma

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Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Desmos & Symbolab

Subject Area: Mathematics

Course: Grade 12 Calculus

Topic: Multiple Topics

Task: Review for evaluations

Technology Tool: Desmos & Symbolab


Everyday students are assigned with homework, which could from the calculus textbook or a given assignment, based on the chapter learned in class (i.e optimization). This is done order to help solidify their understanding of what was learned in preparation for an evaluation whether it be a test, quiz or exam.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

During or after the completion of assigned homework would be the most ideal time to use both these tools. Students would be able to check full solutions that are normally not available through textbook answer pages and even more so with hand-out assignments.  By providing both a graphing calculator as well as a step-by-step solution solver, students are able to fully check their answers.

Why and how would the technology improve student learning?

Through the use of these tools, it would provide students with a greater understanding of calculus’s key ideas and concepts.  By allowing students to view full answers through step-by-step solutions, they can grasp an understanding of where they went wrong if their answer happened to be incorrect or as a way to see how a problem is completed if they cannot solve it. An example of this could be graphing the equation of (x^3)/(x^2 – 6).  If a student does not understand how this would be done they could put the equation into desmos to view what it would look like, which could then provide them with an idea of how to graph it without the calculator.

With the convenience of both an in-browser graphing calculator and equation solver, even without assistance of a teacher a student would be able to complete the homework while still understanding the subject at hand, saving time without having to be stuck on a question.

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The Advantages of Pixlr

What is Pixlr?

Pixlr is an internet based, on-demand photo editing tool that allows for the creation of images, along with the editing and sharing of existing photos. Although Pixlr was created with non-professional users in mind, the application also includes a variety of advanced tools which provide individuals more more options.  Even though it is browser-based, a mobile app exists for those wishing to access it from a handheld device. Pixlr was ultimately designed for quick and easy-to-use image editing for those with little experience involving photo manipulation, while staying convenient and accessible to those who choose not to buy professional software.


Pixlr Features & Uses:

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor is the standard, Photoshop-like, browser-based image editor. It can be used to create an image, or import one from the user’s computer or  from the web.  These pictures can then be edited using the over 20 tools that Pixlr Editor has to offer. The greatest advantage of this program is that the overall photo editing process is extremely quick and clear when used for creating, or changing pictures through online content.

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is a very simplified image editor. It uses a very clean interface with little tools, meant for quick tweaks toward pictures rather than large-scale manipulation. It offers similar capabilities as most modern phone camera apps do, but its usefulness comes from it being easily accessible from a computer where mobile apps are not typically installed.

Pixlr Mobile

It is fairly difficult to find a good photo editing app for mobile devices, and Pixlr Mobile just so happens to be one of them.  It comes with a camera function, and it has all of the basic tools a photo editing app should have, such as quick tools, filters, borders, text, and brushes.

Pixlr Desktop

Pixlr Desktop is a downloadable version of Pixlr, which is a powerful photo editor. It’s not designed for image manipulation, but it has a lot of very useful features when looking to improve photos, the majority of which are very quick to apply (such as filters).

An explanation on Pixlr’s functions

Tutorials, tips and tricks for Pixlr

Pixlr: Learning the basics:

Why use Pixlr?

Comparatively, Pixlr is a much more accessible and convenient photo creation and editing tool the provides some, if not all, of the capabilities that a normally professional and paid photo program offers.  By allowing users to access this tool for free and without the hassle of downloading, Pixlr provides more opportunities at exploring one’s creativity involving photo editing or graphic design.


Pixlr promotes learning through curiosity and opportunity.  Due it the application’s accessibility I can virtually be used anywhere as long as there is an internet connection or it is installed as mobile app or desktop program.  By allowing users to test their interests through curiosity, an individual would be able to try photo editing or graphic design using this tool. This results in users being able to explore without the fear of prices or limitations.

This learning strategy could be used as the individual utilizes the tool, which could ignite a hidden passion for photos or graphics using their creativity.  Reflection plays a part when the user relates a positive feeling to the use of the program, further increasing their interest within the arts resulting in an easier time learning the subject.

Educational Uses

1. The photo editing tool could be useful to teachers involved in the arts, specifically photography.  By having a tool that is advanced, yet simple it allows teachers to create images that can then later be used as example of photo manipulation in class which would give students an idea of what is possible through photo editing.

2. The accessibility of Pixlr allows students to be able to utilize the program for classes without the deterrence of fees or mandatory downloads.  A couple of examples would be: creating an image representing the decay of alpha particles for physics or editing an image for an assignment regarding the topic of what an ‘ideal person’ within a society would look like.

3. It promotes student creativity which can then reflect toward determining their interests, specifically in photo manipulation or graphic design.  This in turn would allow students to plan their courses in such a way that it aligns with their interests, or their passion resulting in a path toward post-secondary studies through high school courses.


Frequently asked questions and support

Updates and some cool ways to use Pixlr!

People’s work using Pixlr!

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