Genius Scan Demo Slam

Genius Scan – The easiest and most cost-effective portable file scanner you never knew you needed!





open the app and tap the camera icon at the bottom left corner to take a picture of your file.




take image and save to new/existing document.



send file to email!

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Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Slack

Subject Area: Social Sciences

Course:  Grade 12 Economics

Topic: Multiple Topics (simulation, supply & demand, fiscal and monetary policy, market failure, scarcity, etc.)

Task:  To create a company and participate in a simulated economic market.

Technology Tool: Slack


Students must work together throughout the course of the semester in a competition to generate the greatest amount of revenue and expand their company in a simulated economy called “Will World”. Currently, there is a lot of miscommunication and ineffective methods of sharing important information.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

Each respective company could create their own Slack accounts to manage communication between members and distribute important information in a professional and efficient manner. Using Slack, companies can organize specific tasks in different channels to ensure that there is only relevant information being shared. Work-related channels can be used to share files, pictures, formulas, and text, while the Random channel can be used to allow company members to get to know one another. Rather than having to rely on less organized and less work-specific mediums, Slack will allow for Economics students to collaborate and stay consistent throughout the simulation rounds, as well as keep records on hand of all previous important files within one channel.

Why and how would the technology tool improve the outcome of the activity?

The current assignment does not specify how students are to communicate with one another, often forcing students to speak through applications such as Facebook, or being unorganized until the day of the simulation cycle. However, by using communication techniques from Slack, students will develop stronger organizational skills as well as solidify their relationship with group members, a quality that is vital to maintain a successful campaign for the simulation. Pinning important files and messages to their respective channels will ensure that there is no miscommunication. Allowing for pictures to be taken means groups can continually keep record of that cycle’s activity sheets, important contracts, and instructions. In addition, this method of communication can be viewed through mobile, app, and website to ensure around-the-clock accessibility. Overall, Slack will increase a group’s involvement in the simulation, and will ensure that there is no confusion come the cycle day.

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