Flash Demo Slam

What is Flash?

Flash is a computer animation program created by Adobe Systems. Users can create graphics, browser games and many other formats of audio and video. This program enables users to develop their creativity and strengthen their ability to focus, while still being a fun technological tool. It can also be used as a tool to assist in presentations to keep viewers engaged. It simply requires the program, a computer, a mouse and a keyboard to be used at its full potential.

How do you use it?

Download the Flash program from the Adobe site. Once you have this, you can begin creating a variety of videos whether its a short animation, a gif, or even a music video. Create a new file and start adding your own photos or create elements by using the tools available on the tool bar.

Explore all the features and tools available in Flash and create fun, eye catching media.

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Google Keep and Calendar


What is it?

Google Calendar is a free internet calendar that allows you to manage and keep track of your events and lets you share it with others. This is an ideal tool to use to manage both your professional and personal schedules.

Google Keep is a syncing notepad that connects your content through google drive. It includes photo-notes, video-notes, checklist, etc. It’s simple and efficient, and you can easily share your notes with others by just attaching their email to the note.


Why are these useful?

Today, humans live in a very technological age. A majority of people carry around cell phones, tablets or even their laptops on a day to day basis, which is how Google Keep and Calendar come in handy. By being able to easily access these technologies, it enable individuals to be more time efficient and organized.


Features of Keep and Calendar

Share – Users can publish their calendar on their website for others to view or share it with certain individuals. They also have the option to edit the calendar.

Reminder – You’re able to sync through your phone, computer, or email. This feature is a great way to keep yourself on task. No matter what device you are on, you can set reminders which will alert you.

Voice memos – You can add a voice memo by simply clicking the microphone icon and speak into it. Once you finish recording your memo, it translates into text but also keeps your original voice recording for you to replay if wanted. This is a very convenient way to take note of something when your hands aren’t free, or if you’re simply too lazy.

Sorting Options – You can personalize your notes or calendars by colour coding or simply changing the layout format to fit your taste. You can also able to label your notes so it can be easy to navigate.

Add Calendars – Add separate calendars for your professional or personal use. This allows you to maintain your professional and personal simultaneously. To make it easier you can import and export your calendar to make it more manageable.

Appointment slots – You can create appointment slots on your calendar which the people you invite can reserve. Note: this feature is only available with a work or school google account.  

Quick add: A feature in google calendar that allows you create an event and allows you to efficiently add the information and customize it all in one go. Options such as; attachment, description, location, guest invitation, time, etc are all included into the quick add.  


Possible Educational Uses

  • Student and teachers can use Google Calendar to quickly schedule meetings or events with others. Instead of emailing back and forth, a convenient time for all the individuals involved can be easily found.
  • Teachers can create appointment slots for instances such as parent teacher interviews.
  • Teachers can use Google Calendar to plan out their lessons to ensure that everything they need to teach will be covered by the a certain deadline.
  • Students can use the calendar to plan out their study/work schedule in order to stay more organized and to be a more efficient learner. For instance, if a student wishes to use spaced learning, for the week, month or even the entire year.
  • Teachers can create class calendars which students will be able to sync their own calendar. This is a very  efficient way for teachers to keep students up to date with important events such as tests or due dates.
  • Reminders can be set for both of these technologies. Writing in an agenda is a good way to stay organized but if you forget to check it, chances are, you won’t carry out what you planned. With Keep and calendar, students and teachers can use the reminder feature to send themselves an alert to stay on track.
  • Students can use Google Keep to create checklists of what they need to study for a unit test. Once they have completed that topic, they can check off the box and keep track of what they have completed.



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