FastCustomer Demo Slam

FastCustomer is an app that will dial a company for you. It will go through all the steps of dialing and once it has reached an available agent, it will call your phone. It’s great for when you have limited minutes on your phone plan, hate listening to elevator music/the constant ringing of a phone or hate it when there’s an automated message telling you how much your patronage means to the company while keeping you on the line for hours.

Steps to use FastCustomer:
1) Download FastCustomer from the app store
2) Click on FastCustomer
3) Go to “Settings” and then change the number to your phone number
4) Go back to the list of companies and select the company you would like to call
5) Let FastCustomer do its work and wait for a call from the company

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Demo Slam: Spot the Difference

Paint is a simple, but useful tool that is found on all Windows computers. Though there are many things you can do with it, I have seen other people use it to highlight key information, instructions, or steps on pre-existing pictures. Consequently, I have been using this method for those purposes and so, I have outlined below the 7 steps I use.

  1. Screen shot the webpage/program/document on your screen using the “print screen” button on the keyboard
  2. On paint, click and hold “cntrl” + “v” on your keyboard or press the “paste” button on the toolbar.
  3. If there are extra things on the image that aren’t necessary or are distracting, crop it out by clicking the “select” tool on the toolbar and dragging a box over the area you would like to keep. Then press the “crop” button on the toolbar.
  4. To highlight a specific area, first choose a colour using the colour picker. Make sure “colour 1” is selected as this is the one that changes the outline of the shape – “colour 2” changes the fill.
  5. Make sure the “fill” option is set to “no fill” and the outline option is set to “solid colour”. Pick the rectangle tool (or whichever shape you want to use) then click and drag on the photo to create the shape.
  6. If you need to move the shape, simply use the “select tool”, click and drag to encompass the entire shape, then move around the shape using your mouse or the arrow keys.
  7. Click and hold “cntrl” + “s” on your keyboard to save your image.

Check out the Demo Slam video below to see these steps in action!

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