Remind Demo Slam


Remind is a service that allows students and teachers to communicate outside of the classroom via email, text, or the Remind app.

How to Use

  1. (Optional) Download the Remind app.
  2. Teachers create an account on Remind and a class. Teachers will be provided with a code for students.
  3. Students use the code on their phones or the Remind app to connect with their teachers.
  4. Teachers can now send announcements to the entire class, or message students privately.
  5. Students will now receive notifications from their teachers, and can also contact teachers privately.

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Technology Tool Implementation Idea: Socrative

Subject Area: English

Course: Grade 12 English

Topic: Interactive Presentation/Quiz/1984

Task: Present an assigned topic from the book 1984. Include an interactive portion as part of the presentation.

Technology Tool: Socrative


Each group was assigned a topic from the book 1984 to present to the class. The idea was that each group would become the “experts” on their assigned topic and would then be able to educate their peers on the subject. In this way the class could successfully cover the important themes and topics in 1984. The presentation also had to include an interactive portion. The majority of groups chose to create a Kahoot to test the class on the content they’ve just been taught.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

I would suggest that the interactive portion be a Socrative Quiz instead of a Kahoot. Groups should test the class on the information they’ve learned through multiple choice and short answer questions using Socrative. This would be an effective interactive portion that could gauge the class’s understanding of the topic. Using Socrative’s feedback and results features, groups can view instant feedback while the quiz is ongoing, and can give explanations to the questions many students have difficulty with. The results of the quiz could also be shared with the teacher, giving the teacher an opportunity to address areas where the class collectively did not fare well in.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

Kahoot creates a competitive environment, where points awarded based on correctness and speed of answers. This may discourage deeper learning.  Kahoot only allows multiple choice questions, while Socrative allows short answer questions, which could be beneficial for a subject like English, where one word answers just don’t cut it, and short responses are ideal/the norm. Socrative’s instant feedback features allow the groups to see who understands the content and what areas they should clarify. As each student’s answer is viewable, student’s answers can be discussed with the class. This could reinforce deeper learning by putting less emphasis on the leaderboards, and more emphasis on understanding 1984.

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