Wolfram Alpha Demo Slam

What is Wolfram Alpha?

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine of objective data designed to take in free-form natural language input and output dynamically computed results. To put this another way, Wolfram Alpha is a database of facts designed to take in any question you ask it and give you an answer. While this may seem similar to Google or other search engines, Wolfram Alpha will actually directly output facts from it’s database for you, while Google or other search engines will simply provide you with links to websites with what you searched for.

How do I use Wolfram Alpha?

The easiest answer to that is just to type in any questions you have. However, Wolfram Alpha is also computational, which means that it will try to understand whatever you typed in. This can lead to very precise results. For example, if I were to type in “Apple 1”, I would get information about the Apple 1 computer.apple1

Here, typing in Apple 1 gave me a factsheet about the Apple 1 computer, but what would happen if I were to type “Apple 1 vs Apple 2” into Wolfram Alpha?


Now, typing “Apple 1 vs Apple 2” into wolfram alpha has gotten me a factsheet allowing me to compare the Apple 1 and Apple 2 computers. This will continue when I type in a third computer, comparing the Apple 1 to the Apple 2 and the Apple 3.


Here, 1 search in Wolfram Alpha has yielded us the same amount of relevant knowledge that multiple searches in google would yield. This isn’t limited only to computer models, you can also use Wolfram alpha to compare the nutritional facts of foods or stocks.





Wolfram Alpha has facts likes these saved on countless topics, you can look up elements, dates, math equations, recording artists, and basically anything else with objective facts.

Happy Exploring!

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Puush (Screenshot/Cropping Tool) Demo Slam


What is Puush?

Puush a simple and versatile screen-shotting tool which would allow you to quickly capture a portion of your screen, upload an image file and share it with a URL, which is automatically added to your clipboard after upload.
(Note: Screenshots are automatically uploaded to your account or an image link)

Starting out

Firstly, you would have to install the program by first downloading it from here.  Afterwards, you have the option to make an account in order to store the photos that you choose to screenshot or upload.  Once the program is finished installing then you will be able to access it from the Windows search bar (this is using Windows 8, however it can accessed on any version of the OS by clicking on the Windows icon on the bottom left-hand side of the screen and searching it).


After launching the program it will appear within the taskbar showing that it is active.


Using the program

By right clicking the icon in your taskbar it will bring up a list of tools, settings, recent uploads and other available options.


By opening the settings page you will be able to do a variety of things with the program.


Some of these options are:
– General settings, where one would be able to change how puush functions while its active on Windows
– Key Bindings, this would be where you can assign different key combinations to work with specific functions
– Account, where you would be able to access the link to your account allowing you to access your library or to log in/out of the program

(An example of what your account library would look like on the site)
– Advanced Settings, which would be for altering the way the program saves/uploads files and which screens it would capture on your desktop

Puush offers a wide range of tools for use such as:
1. Capturing the current open window which is convenient if you would like to exclude other open tabs without the hassle of clicking and dragging your mouse across the entire window.
2. Capturing the desktop which would be useful if you don’t have immediate access to it (you may have may programs open)
3. Capturing just an area of your screen with a click-and-drag cropping tool.

Educational Use
Puush would be useful within an educational setting because it allows for quick, convenient uploading and storage of screenshots.  This would be handy for working with group projects because you would be able to quickly send a segment of your progress to other members in a fast and efficient way. You could also be just sending someone homework from a PDF they might not have, or the full solution to a problem that you have completed on Windows Paint or another drawing program.  Overall Puush provides both a fast and practical way of sending pictures to peers and not only that but it saves and stores the pictures on your account (if you so choose to create one) if they are needed for later use.

By: Kien Tran & Nathan Sharma

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Demo Slam: Office Lens

Office Lens is a very simple yet useful app that instantly adjusts pictures of whiteboards, papers, and photos.

Instructions to using Office Lens:

  1. Download Office Lens from the App Store. It’s free!
  2. Open the App and select the correct setting: Business Card, Photo, Document, or Whiteboard.
  3. Take the picture of the card/photo/document/whiteboard from any angle. The app will automatically blur out the rest of the image.
  4. Capture the image and wait a few seconds for Office Lens to process the image.
  5. If you’re satisfied, click Done, and export the photo!
  6. If you’re not satisfied, click retake and try again.

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Trello Demo Slam

Trello is a free project management app that lets you communicate with your peers and stay organized. It’s a great way to collaborate with group members.

Start by creating a board and inviting your team.

  • Click on the plus sign on the top right corner to create a new board.


  • Create lists to organize important tasks and add cards as subcategories.

image (1)

  • Add check-lists and set due-dates for tasks.

image (2)

  • Comment on cards and have fun!

image (3)

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Math Input Panel – Demo Slam

Math Input Panel
Math Input Panel is a Windows tool that makes it easier to insert equations and math symbols on Microsoft Word. Instead of going through the tedious process of inserting an equation on word and finding the correct symbol, you can easily draw out the equation on Math Input Panel with your mouse, and insert it into your document.

Not an artist? No problem! With the Erase and Select and Correct tools, you can change your existing equation, and Math Input Panel will even give you suggestions (similar to autocorrect on word), based on what the number/symbol looks like.

Steps to using Math Input Panel
1. From the Start button on your Windows computer, in the search box, type “Math Input Panel”
2. Have your Word document open as well.
3. Draw your equation on the Panel.
4. Modify/change your equation, using the “Undo”, “Erase”, or “Select and Correct” tools.
5. Click “Insert”, and your equation will appear on your Word document.
6. You can view all your previous equations by clicking “History” on the top bar.


By: Isis So & Gajani Nirthanarajah

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Demo Slam: Google Keep

By: Belinda Hoang
Google Keep is a useful organizational tool for creating quick notes and reminders that can be accessed through any device (computer, tablet, phone, etc.) with the app. The instructions and images below demonstrates Google Keep through a cellphone.


IMG_1392IMG_1381How to Create Notes

On the main menu located at the bottom of the front page, there are options on how you can create your note.

  • “Take a note”: opens up a blank text box where you can type in a note.
  • List icon: creates a note that features a check list
  • Microphone: allows you to verbally record a note
    • Google Keep will save the voice recording and transcribe the speech into text
  • Camera: allows you to take a photo as a note


How to Edit NotesIMG_13822

  • To set a notification for the note, simply press the “Remind me” button.
  • The top menu features options to further customize your notes so you can sort them from other notes
    • Palette icon: changes the colour of the note
    • Label icon: add tags to your note so that it can appear when you search up the tagged keywords
    • Archives: allows you to save notes that may not be relevant anymore but you would like to keep as a reference
    • More options (the three dots): opens up a drop down menu of more options including inserting a photo and deleting the note.

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Remind Demo Slam


Remind is a service that allows students and teachers to communicate outside of the classroom via email, text, or the Remind app.

How to Use

  1. (Optional) Download the Remind app.
  2. Teachers create an account on Remind and a class. Teachers will be provided with a code for students.
  3. Students use the code on their phones or the Remind app to connect with their teachers.
  4. Teachers can now send announcements to the entire class, or message students privately.
  5. Students will now receive notifications from their teachers, and can also contact teachers privately.

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Genius Scan Demo Slam

Genius Scan – The easiest and most cost-effective portable file scanner you never knew you needed!





open the app and tap the camera icon at the bottom left corner to take a picture of your file.




take image and save to new/existing document.



send file to email!

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DEMO SLAM : Priority Matrix

By : Mahfam and Thea

Priority Matrix is a free task management app that organizes your tasks and keep your priorities straight.

In order to use this app, simply click on the quadrant that relates to your task and create your activity. The 4 categories, Critical and PressingCriticalIdeas, and Uncategorized, ensures that you use your time effectively and tackle the most important assignments first.

The preset categorizes are inspired by the Eisenhower Matrix, a simple and effective decision making tool to maximize productivity. The quadrants can also be changed to fit your unique needs.

The app allows users to track their progress, set alarms and notifications, create daily/weekly reports, email projects, and sync to their other apps and devices.



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Demo Slam- Text Fairy

 By: Salome & Peter

image039     Text fairy is a great app that allows people to convert picture into text. Most likeable thing about this app is that it is very fast and easy to use. Students are able to download this app in their cellphones. Therefore, they can use it anytime, even if they do not have computers with them. Text fairy can be used for educational purposes. For example, when students want to get a copy of an article for English class, they can take a picture and convert it into text in seconds in order to highlight key terms and find literary devices. Also, this app can  be used for other purposes. For example, when we get a review sheet for coming test from our teachers and we want to add more notes, we can use text fairy to convert picture into text and add our own notes. Text fairy plays an important role in our lives by helping students not to waste their time for typing their essays, assignments, etc.  In our opinion, all students should use this app to make their lives easier. 

  Here is a demo slam to give you an idea how to use text fairy. Enjoy it! 


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