Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Desmos & Symbolab

Subject Area: Mathematics

Course: Grade 12 Calculus

Topic: Multiple Topics

Task: Review for evaluations

Technology Tool: Desmos & Symbolab


Everyday students are assigned with homework, which could from the calculus textbook or a given assignment, based on the chapter learned in class (i.e optimization). This is done order to help solidify their understanding of what was learned in preparation for an evaluation whether it be a test, quiz or exam.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

During or after the completion of assigned homework would be the most ideal time to use both these tools. Students would be able to check full solutions that are normally not available through textbook answer pages and even more so with hand-out assignments.  By providing both a graphing calculator as well as a step-by-step solution solver, students are able to fully check their answers.

Why and how would the technology improve student learning?

Through the use of these tools, it would provide students with a greater understanding of calculus’s key ideas and concepts.  By allowing students to view full answers through step-by-step solutions, they can grasp an understanding of where they went wrong if their answer happened to be incorrect or as a way to see how a problem is completed if they cannot solve it. An example of this could be graphing the equation of (x^3)/(x^2 – 6).  If a student does not understand how this would be done they could put the equation into desmos to view what it would look like, which could then provide them with an idea of how to graph it without the calculator.

With the convenience of both an in-browser graphing calculator and equation solver, even without assistance of a teacher a student would be able to complete the homework while still understanding the subject at hand, saving time without having to be stuck on a question.

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Technology Tool Implementation Idea: Socrative

Subject Area: English

Course: Grade 12 English

Topic: Interactive Presentation/Quiz/1984

Task: Present an assigned topic from the book 1984. Include an interactive portion as part of the presentation.

Technology Tool: Socrative


Each group was assigned a topic from the book 1984 to present to the class. The idea was that each group would become the “experts” on their assigned topic and would then be able to educate their peers on the subject. In this way the class could successfully cover the important themes and topics in 1984. The presentation also had to include an interactive portion. The majority of groups chose to create a Kahoot to test the class on the content they’ve just been taught.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

I would suggest that the interactive portion be a Socrative Quiz instead of a Kahoot. Groups should test the class on the information they’ve learned through multiple choice and short answer questions using Socrative. This would be an effective interactive portion that could gauge the class’s understanding of the topic. Using Socrative’s feedback and results features, groups can view instant feedback while the quiz is ongoing, and can give explanations to the questions many students have difficulty with. The results of the quiz could also be shared with the teacher, giving the teacher an opportunity to address areas where the class collectively did not fare well in.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

Kahoot creates a competitive environment, where points awarded based on correctness and speed of answers. This may discourage deeper learning.  Kahoot only allows multiple choice questions, while Socrative allows short answer questions, which could be beneficial for a subject like English, where one word answers just don’t cut it, and short responses are ideal/the norm. Socrative’s instant feedback features allow the groups to see who understands the content and what areas they should clarify. As each student’s answer is viewable, student’s answers can be discussed with the class. This could reinforce deeper learning by putting less emphasis on the leaderboards, and more emphasis on understanding 1984.

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Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Evernote

Subject Area: Languages

Course:  Grade 12 French

Topic: French Culture Presentation

Task:  Taking notes on grammar lessons

Technology Tool:  Evernote


Currently students in French class take notes only on paper, usually leading to messy and inconsistent work. They also have to refer to these notes later when studying for tests. With so many topics such as passe compose, l’imparfait, le conditionel passe, etc, it can be really hard to find the specific topic in your notes that you are looking to enhance your knowledge of. Also, more information is often added to topics throughout the year, therefore making all the information on one topic spread out throughout your binder.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

Students could take notes using Evernote. Using Evernote will allow them to add tags to each note and star important notes. Using the search option, the tags menu, or the starred menu students can quickly access whichever topic they are looking to enhance their knowledge of before a test or exam.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

Using Evernote for French note-taking would save students a LOT of time when looking for specific information. For example, something you may have written in a small corner of your paper would be easily accessible with Evernote through the search tool. It would also give you all indexes of that topic, letting you see all the information you collected on the topic throughout the semester (grammar topics are often revisited and added to).

With this time saving, students could take advantage of this and implement a learning strategy while which effective needs you to be very organized, such as interleaving. This would in turn improve their results.

Students could also opt to use this time saving for sleep which they greatly lack.

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Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Slack

Subject Area: Social Sciences

Course:  Grade 12 Economics

Topic: Multiple Topics (simulation, supply & demand, fiscal and monetary policy, market failure, scarcity, etc.)

Task:  To create a company and participate in a simulated economic market.

Technology Tool: Slack


Students must work together throughout the course of the semester in a competition to generate the greatest amount of revenue and expand their company in a simulated economy called “Will World”. Currently, there is a lot of miscommunication and ineffective methods of sharing important information.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

Each respective company could create their own Slack accounts to manage communication between members and distribute important information in a professional and efficient manner. Using Slack, companies can organize specific tasks in different channels to ensure that there is only relevant information being shared. Work-related channels can be used to share files, pictures, formulas, and text, while the Random channel can be used to allow company members to get to know one another. Rather than having to rely on less organized and less work-specific mediums, Slack will allow for Economics students to collaborate and stay consistent throughout the simulation rounds, as well as keep records on hand of all previous important files within one channel.

Why and how would the technology tool improve the outcome of the activity?

The current assignment does not specify how students are to communicate with one another, often forcing students to speak through applications such as Facebook, or being unorganized until the day of the simulation cycle. However, by using communication techniques from Slack, students will develop stronger organizational skills as well as solidify their relationship with group members, a quality that is vital to maintain a successful campaign for the simulation. Pinning important files and messages to their respective channels will ensure that there is no miscommunication. Allowing for pictures to be taken means groups can continually keep record of that cycle’s activity sheets, important contracts, and instructions. In addition, this method of communication can be viewed through mobile, app, and website to ensure around-the-clock accessibility. Overall, Slack will increase a group’s involvement in the simulation, and will ensure that there is no confusion come the cycle day.

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Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Piktochart

Subject Area: Social Science
Grade 12 English
Topic: Utopian societies
Task: Explain the utopian society you created in a short presentation
Technology Tool: Piktochart


Students collaborated in groups to create a presentation outlining the main features of their imaginary utopian society and how it functioned.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool
Students usually struggle to create an informative yet engaging presentation. Piktochart is a convenient tool that provides students with pre-made templates and creative ways to illustrate ideas and statistics. My group and I could have used Piktochart to create a captivating infographic to illustrate our utopian society.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?
Using Piktochart’s presentation mode to present a topic to the class will give students a stronger understanding of the topic. This is primarily due to the informative visuals provided by Piktochart which capture the attention of students and improve their ability to recall information. Using Piktochart will allow students to practice generation and elaboration since the visuals will spark deeper thinking of the material and students will be provided with the charts, graphs, and diagrams necessary for elaboration.

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Technology Tool Implementation Idea – Desmos

Subject Area: Mathematics

Course: Data Management

Topic: Regression Analysis

Task: Lesson

Technology Tool: Desmos Graphing (Desmos Classroom Activities)

Students often have difficulty grasping the concept of linear and polynomial regression. The graphing calculators are helpful, but they have small screens, and limit student interaction.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool
Desmos Graphing has interactive student lessons. After teaching a lesson about regression analysis, the students can go through the Regression Analysis Lesson on a computer. The students can follow the instructions on the screen, and complete the questions at their own pace. In the end, the students should have a better understanding of linear, polynomial and exponential regression.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?
Graphing calculators allow students to reflect on what they learned in class. However, Desmos makes it easier for students to grasp the concepts before they are comfortable with using graphing calculators. Often students are confused with using the graphing calculators themselves, that they don’t have enough time to actually test the knowledge that they learned in class. Desmos provides an easy way for students to consolidate the information, and reflect on the skills they are struggling with. Once they have understood and are able to apply the concepts, teachers can show students how to use the graphing calculator to help them answer more complex questions.

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Diigo Logo

What is Diigo?

Diigo is a free social bookmarking, research, and knowledge sharing tool that allows both teachers and students provide a network for sharing and discovering information. One can access a Diigo from any electronic device connected to the internet.

To sign in into Diigo

To see the information about Diigo

Diigo’s Features and Uses:

Diigo can be used as an educational review. Diigo allows us to take personal notes, highlight important information on different websites, bookmark and save the information for further review, while adding tags to keep everything organized. In addition, you can also share your information with other people (students, group members). In addition, all information is saved online and anyone can read it from any electronic devices such as computers, cellphones, ipad and so on.

-Highlighting important information:


-Bookmarking websites


-Writing personal notes:


-Annotation, saving and sharing information with other people:


-Accessing from any electronic devices:




Why is Diigo so useful?

Diigo uses a variety of learning strategies:

Spaced practice: This can be used by students to take notes for material learnt in class. Therefore, we are able to go and review the same material anytime to store it into a long-term memory.

Elaboration: Students are able to make connections between new acquired knowledge and notes written on their Diigo page.

Mnemonic (both visual and verbal):

Visual- Students can look at pictures uploaded with other information for better understanding. It is also easier to remember the information.

Verbal– Reading written information out loud from Diigo page to remember the material well.

Generation: Applying written notes in different contexts.


 Top 5 Educational ways to use a Diigo:

1)Taking  personal notes about class material that will later help you to get ready for assignments, tests and quizzes.

2)Sometimes students are confused about material learnt in class. However, by using Diigo, we can do more research about the same material, highlight them and save it on our Diigo page for better understanding the lesson.

3)If one of your classmates missed a day and need notes, you can help them by sharing  your notes  througth Diigo.

4)Sometimes, students lose some work, because of having many papers. However, Diigo saves all our work. Therefore, we will never be afraid to lost our notes.

5) Students are able to access from any electronic devices and this is very important, because we are not always able to use computers during , especially when we have 5 minutes before the test and we want quickly read our notes.

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By: Salome, Peter, Hanna, Helena, Rita



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Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Piktochart

Subject Area: Social Sciencemissing
Course: Law
Topic: protest for slutwalk
Task: Create a power point presentation about a protest that happened
Technology Tool: Piktochart


Students picked their groups to present their topic to the whole class and connect one of the the theorists that was learned in class, mostly using pictures and less text on the PowerPoint.

Suggested use of Technology tool

Piktochart has a lot of features and lots of images to use. My group and i could have used it for the charts to illustrate a better understanding of information and statistics. Also, it is simple to use, and it could have saved us a lot of time searching for images from the internet since Piktochart has a search tool with lots of images that we could have used.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

First of all, it can make the student faster at putting their PowerPoint together and would save them a lot of time that could be used for another subject. It will also improve not only the students  learning, but his/her classmates learning too because PowerPoint presentations from Piktochart makes them look very visual with small details that could be remembered easily. It will improve students retrieval practice because  if they were paying attention to the small details like pictures it will help students to remember of what the slide was about and extract the information from their head.

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Subject Area: Business
Course: Grade 12 Accounting
Topic: Company “Tesco”
Task: Creating a power point
Technology Tool:​ Piktochart

Grade 12 accounting students were given an assignment in pairs to do the research about different business companies and present in class. The presentation should be 10 minutes including GAPPS that each company violated.

 Suggested Use of Technology Tool
Piktochart provides many options for everyone to create power points, info graphics, reports and posters. in this specific case, Piktochart provides various types of designs, images, tables, maps and to make a presentation more interesting and attractive for audience. We can also share our projects with other group members via email.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?
The current review method allows students to use Retrieval practice by extracting learnt material in front of the audience. Using Piktochart will allow students to use Retrieval practice as well as Calibration to give people a much deeper understanding about the presentation.


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Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Desmos and Symbolab

Subject Area:  Mathematics

Course:  Grade 12 AP Calculus and Vectors

Topic: Multiple Topics (Differentiation, Integrals, Graphing, etc.)

Task: Studying for the final exam

Technology Tool:  Desmos Graphing Calculator and Symbolab


The final exam for the Grade 12 AP Calculus and Vectors course is a comprehensive one that requires students to have a thorough understanding between concepts and theories. More than having a basic understanding, students must be able to correctly and efficiently apply differentiation, integration, and other principles in graphing, calculations, and word problems. In preparation for this exam, Desmos and Symbolab would be handy tools to confirm answers and test hypotheses with instant computerized graphs and step-by-step solutions.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

At the end of a study session whereby a student reviews material and completes questions related to the above topics, Desmos and Symbolab can be used to confirm answers to unsure questions, and also allow students to test their hypotheses for alterations of the same type of question.

For instance, Desmos could be used to graph any mathematical equation, and allows multiple equations to be graphed at once. The quick visual representation would also demonstrate the points of intersection, and relationships to other graphs that may otherwise be unknown. In addition, Symbolab could be used to a show step-by-step answer for a complicated integration. The student would be able to determine if they made an error along their thinking process, and where that mistake was made.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

Reviewing without Desmos and Symbolab makes it difficult for students to self-learn and study, as they would not have a way of finding their own mistakes and learning to fix them. Desmos and Symbolab aids with calibration, since students would be able to more accurately gauge where and why they went wrong, and determine which topics to allot more time studying. It also encourages the use of interleaving, since the exam is interdisciplinary evaluation approach that combines all the covered topics. In using Desmos and Symbolab – where Desmos is more useful for graphing and Symbolab for displaying solutions – students can incorporate various types of questions in their studying and improve their overall memory retention.

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