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What is Diigo?

Diigo is a free social bookmarking, research, and knowledge sharing tool that allows both teachers and students provide a network for sharing and discovering information. One can access a Diigo from any electronic device connected to the internet.

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Diigo’s Features and Uses:

Diigo can be used as an educational review. Diigo allows us to take personal notes, highlight important information on different websites, bookmark and save the information for further review, while adding tags to keep everything organized. In addition, you can also share your information with other people (students, group members). In addition, all information is saved online and anyone can read it from any electronic devices such as computers, cellphones, ipad and so on.

-Highlighting important information:


-Bookmarking websites


-Writing personal notes:


-Annotation, saving and sharing information with other people:


-Accessing from any electronic devices:




Why is Diigo so useful?

Diigo uses a variety of learning strategies:

Spaced practice: This can be used by students to take notes for material learnt in class. Therefore, we are able to go and review the same material anytime to store it into a long-term memory.

Elaboration: Students are able to make connections between new acquired knowledge and notes written on their Diigo page.

Mnemonic (both visual and verbal):

Visual- Students can look at pictures uploaded with other information for better understanding. It is also easier to remember the information.

Verbal– Reading written information out loud from Diigo page to remember the material well.

Generation: Applying written notes in different contexts.


 Top 5 Educational ways to use a Diigo:

1)Taking  personal notes about class material that will later help you to get ready for assignments, tests and quizzes.

2)Sometimes students are confused about material learnt in class. However, by using Diigo, we can do more research about the same material, highlight them and save it on our Diigo page for better understanding the lesson.

3)If one of your classmates missed a day and need notes, you can help them by sharing  your notes  througth Diigo.

4)Sometimes, students lose some work, because of having many papers. However, Diigo saves all our work. Therefore, we will never be afraid to lost our notes.

5) Students are able to access from any electronic devices and this is very important, because we are not always able to use computers during , especially when we have 5 minutes before the test and we want quickly read our notes.

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By: Salome, Peter, Hanna, Helena, Rita



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