Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Evernote

Subject Area: Languages

Course:  Grade 12 French

Topic: French Culture Presentation

Task:  Taking notes on grammar lessons

Technology Tool:  Evernote


Currently students in French class take notes only on paper, usually leading to messy and inconsistent work. They also have to refer to these notes later when studying for tests. With so many topics such as passe compose, l’imparfait, le conditionel passe, etc, it can be really hard to find the specific topic in your notes that you are looking to enhance your knowledge of. Also, more information is often added to topics throughout the year, therefore making all the information on one topic spread out throughout your binder.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

Students could take notes using Evernote. Using Evernote will allow them to add tags to each note and star important notes. Using the search option, the tags menu, or the starred menu students can quickly access whichever topic they are looking to enhance their knowledge of before a test or exam.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

Using Evernote for French note-taking would save students a LOT of time when looking for specific information. For example, something you may have written in a small corner of your paper would be easily accessible with Evernote through the search tool. It would also give you all indexes of that topic, letting you see all the information you collected on the topic throughout the semester (grammar topics are often revisited and added to).

With this time saving, students could take advantage of this and implement a learning strategy while which effective needs you to be very organized, such as interleaving. This would in turn improve their results.

Students could also opt to use this time saving for sleep which they greatly lack.

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What is Evernote?

Evernote is a powerful cross-platform tool that allows you to take, organize and share notes. All your notes are accessible via Evernote’s website, their mobile apps and their computer programs. Evernote’s unique organizational tools help students to stay on top of their schoolwork by helping to efficiently organize notes, so they can be accessed with ease in the future.


Evernote’s Features and Uses

1. Notebooks

In Evernote, you can save notes to different notebooks, with the ability to move a note from one notebook to another with ease. Notebooks can be used to organize notes by topic. For example, you can save all of your favorite recipes into one notebook, and have all of your biology notes saved into a different notebook on the same account.

2. Tags

Evernote also uses tags to organize various notes, so you can search through notes in multiple notebooks based on what tags they have. This can allow you to find notes related to similar topics in different notebooks. For example, you may be looking for notes with the tag “vectors”. This tag may be attached to notes in both your physics and calculus notebooks, giving you access to more information than if you were to only check one of your notebooks for this information.

3. Reminders

You can also set reminders in Evernote for upcoming events. Reminders will appear in your notes as checklist items, so you will be reminded of these tasks every time you open Evernote. You can also set a date and time for the reminder. Since Evernote is a cross-platform tool, any device you have with the Evernote app will give you a notification, and you can also receive email notifications about this reminder.


Why Is Evernote Useful?

Organization: Evernote provides it’s users with many different tools to organize their notes, so each user can organize their notes in the way that it suits them best. Evernote also allows users to efficiently organize both personal and professional notes all from one account.

Collaboration: Evernote makes it easy for users to share their notes with other users, encouraging teamwork and collaboration amongst users.

Interleaving: Evernote users can easily mix notes from multiple units together in one notebook, as a way to practice interleaving, with the ability to re-organize their notes with the click of a few buttons.


Educational Uses of Evernote

  1. Review: Evernote allows users to access all of their notes in one place, making it easy for students to review all of their notes whenever they choose.
  2. Organization: Evernote allows students to quickly organize all of their notes so they have time for other tasks.
  3. Sharing: Evernote makes it easy for students to share note with each other, making it easy for students to catch up on missed lessons, and for students to study together.

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