Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Desmos & Symbolab

Subject Area: Mathematics

Course: Grade 12 Calculus

Topic: Multiple Topics

Task: Review for evaluations

Technology Tool: Desmos & Symbolab


Everyday students are assigned with homework, which could from the calculus textbook or a given assignment, based on the chapter learned in class (i.e optimization). This is done order to help solidify their understanding of what was learned in preparation for an evaluation whether it be a test, quiz or exam.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

During or after the completion of assigned homework would be the most ideal time to use both these tools. Students would be able to check full solutions that are normally not available through textbook answer pages and even more so with hand-out assignments.  By providing both a graphing calculator as well as a step-by-step solution solver, students are able to fully check their answers.

Why and how would the technology improve student learning?

Through the use of these tools, it would provide students with a greater understanding of calculus’s key ideas and concepts.  By allowing students to view full answers through step-by-step solutions, they can grasp an understanding of where they went wrong if their answer happened to be incorrect or as a way to see how a problem is completed if they cannot solve it. An example of this could be graphing the equation of (x^3)/(x^2 – 6).  If a student does not understand how this would be done they could put the equation into desmos to view what it would look like, which could then provide them with an idea of how to graph it without the calculator.

With the convenience of both an in-browser graphing calculator and equation solver, even without assistance of a teacher a student would be able to complete the homework while still understanding the subject at hand, saving time without having to be stuck on a question.

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Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Desmos and Symbolab

Subject Area:  Mathematics

Course:  Grade 12 AP Calculus and Vectors

Topic: Multiple Topics (Differentiation, Integrals, Graphing, etc.)

Task: Studying for the final exam

Technology Tool:  Desmos Graphing Calculator and Symbolab


The final exam for the Grade 12 AP Calculus and Vectors course is a comprehensive one that requires students to have a thorough understanding between concepts and theories. More than having a basic understanding, students must be able to correctly and efficiently apply differentiation, integration, and other principles in graphing, calculations, and word problems. In preparation for this exam, Desmos and Symbolab would be handy tools to confirm answers and test hypotheses with instant computerized graphs and step-by-step solutions.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

At the end of a study session whereby a student reviews material and completes questions related to the above topics, Desmos and Symbolab can be used to confirm answers to unsure questions, and also allow students to test their hypotheses for alterations of the same type of question.

For instance, Desmos could be used to graph any mathematical equation, and allows multiple equations to be graphed at once. The quick visual representation would also demonstrate the points of intersection, and relationships to other graphs that may otherwise be unknown. In addition, Symbolab could be used to a show step-by-step answer for a complicated integration. The student would be able to determine if they made an error along their thinking process, and where that mistake was made.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

Reviewing without Desmos and Symbolab makes it difficult for students to self-learn and study, as they would not have a way of finding their own mistakes and learning to fix them. Desmos and Symbolab aids with calibration, since students would be able to more accurately gauge where and why they went wrong, and determine which topics to allot more time studying. It also encourages the use of interleaving, since the exam is interdisciplinary evaluation approach that combines all the covered topics. In using Desmos and Symbolab – where Desmos is more useful for graphing and Symbolab for displaying solutions – students can incorporate various types of questions in their studying and improve their overall memory retention.

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