Demo Slam – CamScanner

By : Dhruv and Andrew N.

CamScanner is a free scanning app that lets you scan papers using your phone. You can also optimize these pictures for easy reading.

In order to use this app, simply take a picture of the desired document, then you will be directed to a post-processing page.

In this page, the user has the opportunity to edit the picture to optimize it for the intended purpose. Although the camera is pretty good at processing pictures for you, this added functionality proves to be useful when scanning colored papers and documents with small text.

And lastly, the app allows users to then share their scanned documents through most of the popular social networks including Facebook Messenger, text messages, and email. You can also save the scanned picture for later use. As a backup, all scanned documents are stored on the CamScanner app, and are conveniently organized for the next time the user uses the app.

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