Demo Slam- Text Fairy

 By: Salome & Peter

image039     Text fairy is a great app that allows people to convert picture into text. Most likeable thing about this app is that it is very fast and easy to use. Students are able to download this app in their cellphones. Therefore, they can use it anytime, even if they do not have computers with them. Text fairy can be used for educational purposes. For example, when students want to get a copy of an article for English class, they can take a picture and convert it into text in seconds in order to highlight key terms and find literary devices. Also, this app can  be used for other purposes. For example, when we get a review sheet for coming test from our teachers and we want to add more notes, we can use text fairy to convert picture into text and add our own notes. Text fairy plays an important role in our lives by helping students not to waste their time for typing their essays, assignments, etc.  In our opinion, all students should use this app to make their lives easier. 

  Here is a demo slam to give you an idea how to use text fairy. Enjoy it! 


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