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Math Input Panel
Math Input Panel is a Windows tool that makes it easier to insert equations and math symbols on Microsoft Word. Instead of going through the tedious process of inserting an equation on word and finding the correct symbol, you can easily draw out the equation on Math Input Panel with your mouse, and insert it into your document.

Not an artist? No problem! With the Erase and Select and Correct tools, you can change your existing equation, and Math Input Panel will even give you suggestions (similar to autocorrect on word), based on what the number/symbol looks like.

Steps to using Math Input Panel
1. From the Start button on your Windows computer, in the search box, type “Math Input Panel”
2. Have your Word document open as well.
3. Draw your equation on the Panel.
4. Modify/change your equation, using the “Undo”, “Erase”, or “Select and Correct” tools.
5. Click “Insert”, and your equation will appear on your Word document.
6. You can view all your previous equations by clicking “History” on the top bar.


By: Isis So & Gajani Nirthanarajah

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