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Nearpod is an interactive multimedia presentation platform where teachers can share presentations used in classrooms. In presentations, teachers can and keep track of students’ activities and assure students are on the same page as they have the control on which slide is being viewed. Moreover, teachers have the ability to monitor, measure, and receive a better perspective of the students’ understanding by the collected data stored on their accounts. Students, on the other hand, can use Nearpod to follow along with the lesson and submit answers during various activities in real time while also being able to view the answers and results of others when shared with the classroom. Moreover, teachers have the ability to monitor, measure, and receive a better perspective of the students’ understanding.

Nearpod can also be easily accessed on various pieces of hardware such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Thus, Nearpod provides a technology-based learning environment where blended learning is available and enjoyable amongst both teachers and students.




Features for Teacher Use:

  • Uploading / creating slideshows
  • Embedding videos and other media tools into presentations
  • Accessing, viewing, and annotating PDF files
  • Conducting a live twitter stream
  • Browsing pre-made presentations on the Nearpod database


Interactive Features Include:

  • Draw it – students can be given a question and/or scenario and can write/draw on a blank canvas before submitting their work
  • Quiz – multiple choice questions can be given with a minimum of two options for every question so teachers can monitor students’ knowledge and understanding of the presentation
  • Poll – a simple one question poll where teachers can collect data from students with multiple choices given
  • Fill-in-the-blanks – short sentences where teachers can choose which word to remove from the sentence and add into the work bank for students to match
  • Open ended questions – can all be used for a variety of subjects for teachers to collect longer, well thought out answers needing more detail or description from students

Once students submit their answer to specific activities (namely Draw it and the open-ended questions), teachers have the option of sharing some of the student’s responses. This promotes class discussion through the deconstruction and in turn, analysis of the response.


Why Nearpod is Useful:

Nearpod provides a balance between hands-on learning through the engagement of student activity) and minds-on learning through the lecture-style presentation. So, enough information is being delivered through the presentation and, students are given the opportunity to apply what they know. In other words, it provides an appropriate ratio between learning and application.

Studies have shown that the average attention span of a human went from 12 seconds to 8 from 2000 to 2013. This is due to the advancement of technology and its stimulation to the brain becoming more frequent in students and people as a whole. Brains require stimulus to keep concentrated. Having said that, lessons used today are modelled after the brains of older generations and are not reconstructed to better suit the newer generation. As a result, Nearpod focuses on the balance between traditional learning and stimulation needed for students to learn and focus in classes


Information and Resources (links):

Homepage of Nearpod

Includes different tabs in which users can navigate through the interface of the website.


How Nearpod Works

Information page describing the basics of using Nearpod. It also includes multiple slideshows that act as a info/help resource for the many tools Nearpod offers.


Nearpod On Youtube



Adding Nearpod Onto Your Devices:

Chrome Extension Download

Google Play Store Download

Apple Store Download


Top Ideas for Use in Education:

  1. As another online presentation platform, teachers can assess their lessons online which allow them to edit/upload from their home as well as automatically save all of their content. This prevents the risk of lost/corrupted/forgotten files that would be detrimental to the lesson.
  2. Pre-made presentations/lessons/introductory activities are also available on Nearpod. Teachers can use them to either introduce the topic of their lesson or review them for a test.
  3. Nearpod is also easily accessible not only on computers, but on mobile devices. This would allow teachers to prepare lessons and have students listen to them whenever and wherever as long as there is internet access. Furthermore, students who are away can easily follow along at home if they choose to which would eliminate the issue of falling behind.
  4. Nearpod is supported by schools as well as districts and therefore has a schoolwide option that includes helpful features. One of these is a tool that allows students to write notes right on the slide that is being displayed during the presentation. This can reduce the amount of paper used to print out slides/write notes and can provide more comprehensive notes as students are referring to specific parts of the slide when they write on them.
  5. The numerous forms of interactive activities Nearpod offers keep students focused and add in diversity from the typical lecture style lesson.
  6. Teachers can assess students’ understanding of the day’s lesson before, after, and during the actual lesson. This can be done through small quizzes, drawing activities, and more. Nearpod collects the data inputted by students and displays them for teachers in real time, allowing them to see who is paying attention or understands the concepts being taught.

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