Wolfram Alpha Demo Slam

What is Wolfram Alpha?

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine of objective data designed to take in free-form natural language input and output dynamically computed results. To put this another way, Wolfram Alpha is a database of facts designed to take in any question you ask it and give you an answer. While this may seem similar to Google or other search engines, Wolfram Alpha will actually directly output facts from it’s database for you, while Google or other search engines will simply provide you with links to websites with what you searched for.

How do I use Wolfram Alpha?

The easiest answer to that is just to type in any questions you have. However, Wolfram Alpha is also computational, which means that it will try to understand whatever you typed in. This can lead to very precise results. For example, if I were to type in “Apple 1”, I would get information about the Apple 1 computer.apple1

Here, typing in Apple 1 gave me a factsheet about the Apple 1 computer, but what would happen if I were to type “Apple 1 vs Apple 2” into Wolfram Alpha?


Now, typing “Apple 1 vs Apple 2” into wolfram alpha has gotten me a factsheet allowing me to compare the Apple 1 and Apple 2 computers. This will continue when I type in a third computer, comparing the Apple 1 to the Apple 2 and the Apple 3.


Here, 1 search in Wolfram Alpha has yielded us the same amount of relevant knowledge that multiple searches in google would yield. This isn’t limited only to computer models, you can also use Wolfram alpha to compare the nutritional facts of foods or stocks.





Wolfram Alpha has facts likes these saved on countless topics, you can look up elements, dates, math equations, recording artists, and basically anything else with objective facts.

Happy Exploring!

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Remind Demo Slam


Remind is a service that allows students and teachers to communicate outside of the classroom via email, text, or the Remind app.

How to Use

  1. (Optional) Download the Remind app.
  2. Teachers create an account on Remind and a class. Teachers will be provided with a code for students.
  3. Students use the code on their phones or the Remind app to connect with their teachers.
  4. Teachers can now send announcements to the entire class, or message students privately.
  5. Students will now receive notifications from their teachers, and can also contact teachers privately.

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Genius Scan Demo Slam

Genius Scan – The easiest and most cost-effective portable file scanner you never knew you needed!





open the app and tap the camera icon at the bottom left corner to take a picture of your file.




take image and save to new/existing document.



send file to email!

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DEMO SLAM : Priority Matrix

By : Mahfam and Thea

Priority Matrix is a free task management app that organizes your tasks and keep your priorities straight.

In order to use this app, simply click on the quadrant that relates to your task and create your activity. The 4 categories, Critical and PressingCriticalIdeas, and Uncategorized, ensures that you use your time effectively and tackle the most important assignments first.

The preset categorizes are inspired by the Eisenhower Matrix, a simple and effective decision making tool to maximize productivity. The quadrants can also be changed to fit your unique needs.

The app allows users to track their progress, set alarms and notifications, create daily/weekly reports, email projects, and sync to their other apps and devices.



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myHomework Demo Slam

What is it?

myHomework is a homework organization app that acts as a student planner. It is available for all types of devices: Android or Apple. This app allows you to personalize your school planner to your schedule and helps you manage the homework that you have in any form that you want it.

First, this app allows you to set up your school timetable in any way you want it. Since our school works on a Day 1, Day 2 basis, I was able to use the period the block based timetable setup.

You can also add in homework with different information that you can provide. You can assign the type of homework it is: test, project, study, etc. Then, you can set the date and time of the deadline. There are different types of priorities that you can set for your homework, so that you are able to organize the importance of each task.  Lastly, you can set a reminder or multiple to help you remember that you have a task due.

myHomework also allows you to personalize the app to your liking. You are able to change the theme to either one of the three free versions or pay for an elaborate theme.

You can track the progress of all the homework you complete. This function helps you see which tasks you have finished, which are late, and which are still left to do.

If you have signed up for a free account, you can also sync the information between your devices to ensure that you are constantly updated with your to-do list.

How do you use it?

1. Download the application “myHomework”

2. Use a gmail, Facebook, or any other email account to sign up for the account

3. Setup your timetable

4. Set your theme

5. Set your preferred default settings

6. Start adding homework!

7. Sync each time you login to your devices to get the updated done and to-do lists.

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Moovly Demo Slam

Visit Moovly!


What is it?

Moovly is an online software used to create videos, animations, and presentations using the given tools and library images stored on the website database. With options enabling users to import their own drawings, animations, and sounds, Moovly can be used to share and continuously edit projects for visual display.

How do you use it?

  1. Create an account
  2. Create a “New Moov”
  3. Title, describe, and categorize the video
  4. Choose a template
  5. Drag in elements from the library on the left onto the screen and adjust colour, size, and animation length
  6. Add in your own images, sounds, and animations
  7. On the bottom toolbar, choose different transitions and animations to apply to the element
  8. Save and watch!

(For more detail, Moovly offers a tutorial of their editing screen for new users)

By: Kim Le

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Demo Slam: Spot the Difference

Paint is a simple, but useful tool that is found on all Windows computers. Though there are many things you can do with it, I have seen other people use it to highlight key information, instructions, or steps on pre-existing pictures. Consequently, I have been using this method for those purposes and so, I have outlined below the 7 steps I use.

  1. Screen shot the webpage/program/document on your screen using the “print screen” button on the keyboard
  2. On paint, click and hold “cntrl” + “v” on your keyboard or press the “paste” button on the toolbar.
  3. If there are extra things on the image that aren’t necessary or are distracting, crop it out by clicking the “select” tool on the toolbar and dragging a box over the area you would like to keep. Then press the “crop” button on the toolbar.
  4. To highlight a specific area, first choose a colour using the colour picker. Make sure “colour 1” is selected as this is the one that changes the outline of the shape – “colour 2” changes the fill.
  5. Make sure the “fill” option is set to “no fill” and the outline option is set to “solid colour”. Pick the rectangle tool (or whichever shape you want to use) then click and drag on the photo to create the shape.
  6. If you need to move the shape, simply use the “select tool”, click and drag to encompass the entire shape, then move around the shape using your mouse or the arrow keys.
  7. Click and hold “cntrl” + “s” on your keyboard to save your image.

Check out the Demo Slam video below to see these steps in action!

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