Demo Slam: Google Keep

By: Belinda Hoang
Google Keep is a useful organizational tool for creating quick notes and reminders that can be accessed through any device (computer, tablet, phone, etc.) with the app. The instructions and images below demonstrates Google Keep through a cellphone.


IMG_1392IMG_1381How to Create Notes

On the main menu located at the bottom of the front page, there are options on how you can create your note.

  • “Take a note”: opens up a blank text box where you can type in a note.
  • List icon: creates a note that features a check list
  • Microphone: allows you to verbally record a note
    • Google Keep will save the voice recording and transcribe the speech into text
  • Camera: allows you to take a photo as a note


How to Edit NotesIMG_13822

  • To set a notification for the note, simply press the “Remind me” button.
  • The top menu features options to further customize your notes so you can sort them from other notes
    • Palette icon: changes the colour of the note
    • Label icon: add tags to your note so that it can appear when you search up the tagged keywords
    • Archives: allows you to save notes that may not be relevant anymore but you would like to keep as a reference
    • More options (the three dots): opens up a drop down menu of more options including inserting a photo and deleting the note.

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Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Evernote

Subject Area: Languages

Course:  Grade 12 French

Topic: French Culture Presentation

Task:  Taking notes on grammar lessons

Technology Tool:  Evernote


Currently students in French class take notes only on paper, usually leading to messy and inconsistent work. They also have to refer to these notes later when studying for tests. With so many topics such as passe compose, l’imparfait, le conditionel passe, etc, it can be really hard to find the specific topic in your notes that you are looking to enhance your knowledge of. Also, more information is often added to topics throughout the year, therefore making all the information on one topic spread out throughout your binder.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

Students could take notes using Evernote. Using Evernote will allow them to add tags to each note and star important notes. Using the search option, the tags menu, or the starred menu students can quickly access whichever topic they are looking to enhance their knowledge of before a test or exam.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

Using Evernote for French note-taking would save students a LOT of time when looking for specific information. For example, something you may have written in a small corner of your paper would be easily accessible with Evernote through the search tool. It would also give you all indexes of that topic, letting you see all the information you collected on the topic throughout the semester (grammar topics are often revisited and added to).

With this time saving, students could take advantage of this and implement a learning strategy while which effective needs you to be very organized, such as interleaving. This would in turn improve their results.

Students could also opt to use this time saving for sleep which they greatly lack.

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