Puush (Screenshot/Cropping Tool) Demo Slam


What is Puush?

Puush a simple and versatile screen-shotting tool which would allow you to quickly capture a portion of your screen, upload an image file and share it with a URL, which is automatically added to your clipboard after upload.
(Note: Screenshots are automatically uploaded to your account or an image link)

Starting out

Firstly, you would have to install the program by first downloading it from here.  Afterwards, you have the option to make an account in order to store the photos that you choose to screenshot or upload.  Once the program is finished installing then you will be able to access it from the Windows search bar (this is using Windows 8, however it can accessed on any version of the OS by clicking on the Windows icon on the bottom left-hand side of the screen and searching it).


After launching the program it will appear within the taskbar showing that it is active.


Using the program

By right clicking the icon in your taskbar it will bring up a list of tools, settings, recent uploads and other available options.


By opening the settings page you will be able to do a variety of things with the program.


Some of these options are:
– General settings, where one would be able to change how puush functions while its active on Windows
– Key Bindings, this would be where you can assign different key combinations to work with specific functions
– Account, where you would be able to access the link to your account allowing you to access your library or to log in/out of the program

(An example of what your account library would look like on the site)
– Advanced Settings, which would be for altering the way the program saves/uploads files and which screens it would capture on your desktop

Puush offers a wide range of tools for use such as:
1. Capturing the current open window which is convenient if you would like to exclude other open tabs without the hassle of clicking and dragging your mouse across the entire window.
2. Capturing the desktop which would be useful if you don’t have immediate access to it (you may have may programs open)
3. Capturing just an area of your screen with a click-and-drag cropping tool.

Educational Use
Puush would be useful within an educational setting because it allows for quick, convenient uploading and storage of screenshots.  This would be handy for working with group projects because you would be able to quickly send a segment of your progress to other members in a fast and efficient way. You could also be just sending someone homework from a PDF they might not have, or the full solution to a problem that you have completed on Windows Paint or another drawing program.  Overall Puush provides both a fast and practical way of sending pictures to peers and not only that but it saves and stores the pictures on your account (if you so choose to create one) if they are needed for later use.

By: Kien Tran & Nathan Sharma

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