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What is Wolfram Alpha?

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine of objective data designed to take in free-form natural language input and output dynamically computed results. To put this another way, Wolfram Alpha is a database of facts designed to take in any question you ask it and give you an answer. While this may seem similar to Google or other search engines, Wolfram Alpha will actually directly output facts from it’s database for you, while Google or other search engines will simply provide you with links to websites with what you searched for.

How do I use Wolfram Alpha?

The easiest answer to that is just to type in any questions you have. However, Wolfram Alpha is also computational, which means that it will try to understand whatever you typed in. This can lead to very precise results. For example, if I were to type in “Apple 1”, I would get information about the Apple 1 computer.apple1

Here, typing in Apple 1 gave me a factsheet about the Apple 1 computer, but what would happen if I were to type “Apple 1 vs Apple 2” into Wolfram Alpha?


Now, typing “Apple 1 vs Apple 2” into wolfram alpha has gotten me a factsheet allowing me to compare the Apple 1 and Apple 2 computers. This will continue when I type in a third computer, comparing the Apple 1 to the Apple 2 and the Apple 3.


Here, 1 search in Wolfram Alpha has yielded us the same amount of relevant knowledge that multiple searches in google would yield. This isn’t limited only to computer models, you can also use Wolfram alpha to compare the nutritional facts of foods or stocks.





Wolfram Alpha has facts likes these saved on countless topics, you can look up elements, dates, math equations, recording artists, and basically anything else with objective facts.

Happy Exploring!

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