Technology Tool Implementation Idea – Desmos

Subject Area: Mathematics

Course: Data Management

Topic: Regression Analysis

Task: Lesson

Technology Tool: Desmos Graphing (Desmos Classroom Activities)

Students often have difficulty grasping the concept of linear and polynomial regression. The graphing calculators are helpful, but they have small screens, and limit student interaction.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool
Desmos Graphing has interactive student lessons. After teaching a lesson about regression analysis, the students can go through the Regression Analysis Lesson on a computer. The students can follow the instructions on the screen, and complete the questions at their own pace. In the end, the students should have a better understanding of linear, polynomial and exponential regression.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?
Graphing calculators allow students to reflect on what they learned in class. However, Desmos makes it easier for students to grasp the concepts before they are comfortable with using graphing calculators. Often students are confused with using the graphing calculators themselves, that they don’t have enough time to actually test the knowledge that they learned in class. Desmos provides an easy way for students to consolidate the information, and reflect on the skills they are struggling with. Once they have understood and are able to apply the concepts, teachers can show students how to use the graphing calculator to help them answer more complex questions.

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