Technology Tool Implementation Idea – Piktochart

Subject Area:  Media & Communication

Course:  Grade 12 English

Topic: 1984

Task:  Creating posters/propaganda advertisements for The Brotherhood

Technology Tool:  Pikotochart


Students must create four posters that have a central theme and express a slogan that embodies the values of the Brotherhood. The posters should also be relevant to the themes emphasized in 1984.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

Students can use Piktochart to create posters that include a variety of graphics and text. In this way, students can incorporate visual elements that are relevant to the Brotherhood as well as 1984 itself, while also including a slogan using the text capabilities. In addition, Piktochart allows easy creation of info graphics which can be utilized to create propaganda. Finally, the preset templates allow students to stay within a consistent theme for all four print ads.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

Not only does Piktochart simplify the poster-making process, it also forces students to consider more deeply which visual aids would be the most effective and relevant to the goal of the assignment. Piktochart allows students with no graphics skills to easily create and modify a poster or info graphic which is perfect for this assignment. In addition, creating a media product such as a poster requires students to consider which topics are the most important to include and make connections from the book in order to create the most effective poster ad. As a result, students must reflect more thoughtfully on the themes of the book and pick out the ones that will be the most powerful to use as the basis of their poster or info graphic. While creating their print ad, students also use retrieval to recall important examples from the book, as well as mnemonics which are common in visually oriented tasks.

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