Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Evernote

Subject Area: Computer Science

Course: Grade 12 Computer Science

Topic: Multiple Topics (Databases, Sorting, ArrayLists, etc.)

Task: Create an exam study sheet as an overview for the exam. This sheet will include a little blurb on all the parts of the exam, providing a good review for the exam.

Technology Tool: Evernote

Description: This exam study sheet encompasses a lot of the topics covered throughout the semester. There are many topics to be covered and concepts to be reviewed, and this sheet will allow for students to easily cover all topics. Evernote would be especially useful here because students would be able to split the topics among each other, and then share a notebook in which all the exam study sheets can be consolidated. Without this program, making an exam sheet with detail would be time-consuming and a large hassle.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool: With a program like Evernote, students can create study notes together very easily, as Evernote has great collaboration functions. In this case, I would expect students to create a shared notebook, and all collaborate by creating notes for their individual parts. This not only saves time, it also allows for a deeper overview of each topic.

Another use of this technology, is the fact that Evernote allows for tags and easy searching. This means that while a student is studying for exams, he/she can easily retrieve certain topics and will allow for really easy studying. This is especially important in computer science because computer science is taught by the collection of several concepts, and so easy back-and-forth is imperative.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?:

This technology aids students with interleaving. Evernote allows for students to retrieve their notes very easily, and so being able to go back on tags and searches makes switching from topic to topic very easy. Also, the organization of notes in notebooks, again, allows for students to easily switch from topic to topic with minimal time lost in between.

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