Technology Tools Implementation Idea: Evernote

Subject Area: Sciences

Course: Biology

Topic: Any topic (e.g macromolecules, nucleic acids, etc.)

Task: Studying and reviewing concepts

Technology Tool: Evernote


Students are provided with the power-point lessons for studying and the method of studying is up to the student. However, if the wrong method of studying is used, students may not be able to actually understand and retain the concepts and thus the learning cannot be transformed into deeper learning.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

Use the Evernote tool to create your own biology notes that can be accessed anywhere with any device with the app. Since they are digital notes, the student would save a lot of time compared  to hand written notes and they can easily copy and paste important images rather than drawing it out themselves or having to print it separately. They can also easily add in new information that they learn in class and are not covered in the powerpoints and with the reminders tool they can easily take note of important questions that they stumble upon during their own time to ask in class. Furthermore, by having all of the biology notes compiled in an online notebook the student can easily find specific details by using the tag feature.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

By generating their own notes they are taking the time to process the information and make connections to the content. Since their notes would all be easily accessible, it also allows the student to study anywhere, anytime which will make learning strategies such as spaced practice easier because their study schedule would not have to work around their location or materials they have on hand.

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