Technology Tools Implementation Idea: Evernote

Subject Area: Science

Course: Biology 11

Topic: Multiple Topics

Task: Test/Exam Review

Technology Tool: Evernote


There is a huge amount of content which needs to memorized in biology, and all this information must be properly consolidated before a test or examination. This information is presented in various forms; online powerpoints, the textbook, the workbook, and other handouts. All this needs to be brought together in one medium to connect the pieces and study without constantly switching tabs or flipping papers.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

Evernote provides a clean and safe way to take notes in separate “notebooks”, yet still be quickly accessible through its navigation menus and search bar. Images and diagrams from powerpoints can be copied in alongside the text in the notes. This allows students to pull all the important information they need from different sources and have it all in one place.

Why and how would this technology tool improve student learning?

This tool allows students to apply interleaving by combining the information from different topics/units into one place. It helps form connections between various biological processes and definitions, and generally creates a better understanding of the material, rather than having to memorize individual pieces of information. The process of making these personalized notes also includes the process of elaboration, as you are choosing and re-phrasing various bits of information to include, consolidating those memories as well as creating more retrieval cues for those concepts.

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