Technology Tools Implementation Idea – MOOVLY

Subject Area: English

Course: Grade 12 English
Topic: Media Studies
Task: Create a short PSA for a cause that you believe in
Technology Tool: Moovly


Students often struggle with making videos because of the complex editing programs. The editing programs that are available for free lack too many function. On the other hand, editing programs with extensive features and allow for more professional-looking products are usually very expensive or too difficult to use.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool: MOOVLY

Moovly allows the user to create simple, polished animated videos. It has many pre-programmed functions and a wide array of animations that can be added to virtually any image. It is user-friendly and easy to use. Additionally, Moovly combines all your movie editing needs into one program – there is no need for any additional plug-ins or programs. Best of all – it’s FREE.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

This technology tool is beneficial to our learning because it provides students a new way to present their learning and effectively express their thoughts and ideas. It helps with the consolidation process because it forces students to condense their ideas into a simple, concise 2-3 minute video. Instead of focusing your time and energy on learning how to use complicated programs like iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro, the student’s focus can be redirected into creating a Moovly masterpiece.

Also, this program will improve the students concentration and focus on their work. Students will be less likely to be distracted and quit in frustrations because Moovly provides a productive environment. Distractions are minimized because the user does not need any other devices or programs. The frustration that students often feel is also reduced because of the program easy-to-use nature.

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