Subject Area: Business
Course: Grade 12 Accounting
Topic: Company “Tesco”
Task: Creating a power point
Technology Tool:​ Piktochart

Grade 12 accounting students were given an assignment in pairs to do the research about different business companies and present in class. The presentation should be 10 minutes including GAPPS that each company violated.

 Suggested Use of Technology Tool
Piktochart provides many options for everyone to create power points, info graphics, reports and posters. in this specific case, Piktochart provides various types of designs, images, tables, maps and to make a presentation more interesting and attractive for audience. We can also share our projects with other group members via email.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?
The current review method allows students to use Retrieval practice by extracting learnt material in front of the audience. Using Piktochart will allow students to use Retrieval practice as well as Calibration to give people a much deeper understanding about the presentation.


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