Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Piktochart

Subject Area: Social Sciencemissing
Course: Law
Topic: protest for slutwalk
Task: Create a power point presentation about a protest that happened
Technology Tool: Piktochart


Students picked their groups to present their topic to the whole class and connect one of the the theorists that was learned in class, mostly using pictures and less text on the PowerPoint.

Suggested use of Technology tool

Piktochart has a lot of features and lots of images to use. My group and i could have used it for the charts to illustrate a better understanding of information and statistics. Also, it is simple to use, and it could have saved us a lot of time searching for images from the internet since Piktochart has a search tool with lots of images that we could have used.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?

First of all, it can make the student faster at putting their PowerPoint together and would save them a lot of time that could be used for another subject. It will also improve not only the students  learning, but his/her classmates learning too because PowerPoint presentations from Piktochart makes them look very visual with small details that could be remembered easily. It will improve students retrieval practice because  if they were paying attention to the small details like pictures it will help students to remember of what the slide was about and extract the information from their head.

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