Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Pixlr

Subject Area: English

Course: ENG4U1

Topic: Multiple Topics (Depression, Syria Refugee Crisis, etc.)

Task: Create a Video, Podcast, Website, 4 Print ads for your chosen topic

Technology Tool: Pixlr


Students in groups of 4 are to create a video, a podcast, a website and 4 Print Ads based on the topic they chose to present for the class. The posters must all be related in terms of text, colour scheme, and must contain some sort of logo that is present in all of them.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool

Students can utilize the Pixlr applications to create posters that are comparable to posters being created using Photoshop. Both the Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express applications provide students with many tools and possible combinations to create digital media pieces. The Pixlr Editor is more hands on where the student is to use his/her own photo manipulating skills to create their poster while the Pixlr Express provides the student with a variety of built-in effects which can be used to represent the similarities and connection between the posters. The students can first use the Editor and transition to using the Express to add the finishing touches to their posters.

Why and how would the technology tool improve learning?

Using Pixlr for an assignment such as this encourages creativity and reinforces what they learned about their topic through the use of visuals and text. Having the Pixlr Express tool also simplifies the process of creating and accomplishing all the objectives required for the project while the Editor tool provides the students with the freedom and creativity one would have in using a program like Photoshop. With the many possibilities available to them, students tend to reflect on their topic more deeply to decide on how they can create the right print ads. Since the topics given to us are open and not exactly something one would learn about in an English class, retrieval and generation practice is enforced unto the students as they create their print ads.


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