Technology Tools Implementation Idea: Socrative



Subject Area: Language

Course: ENG4U1 (Grade 12 English)

Topic: Hamlet by Shakespeare

Task: Act Quizzes

Technology Tool: Socrative



Mr Carpenter implements mandatory act-based quizzes throughout the reading of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. They are typically in the form of mixed multiple choice-short answer questions with attached quotes or plot summaries. Mr Carpenter often allows the use of several different answers to a single question depending on how the student interprets the passage, meaning that he must mark flexibly on a per-student basis. Students are limited in the amount of time they are able to spend writing the quiz.


Suggested Use of Technology Tool:

I suggest implementing Socrative online quizzing as an alternative to the current format. Students would be given an access code and take the quiz in real time with an appropriate time  limit attached. The quiz would not begin until all students have connected and all quizzes will automatically lock/submit when the time limit is reached. Mr Carpenter would receive feedback on student performance live as answers are submitted and this performance data remains available following conclusion of the quiz for use as a resource in the creation of the remaining act quizzes. Students would receive immediate feedback on the results of the multiple choice section and would be presented with a preliminary grade.


Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?:

The use of Socrative as an alternative quiz format will improve the learning experience in several ways. For starters, the new format would allow for the use of more engaging real-time content like scene related images or event timelines with limited effort required on the part of Mr Carpenter. Better student engagement will generally lead to higher quiz averages without any real impact on student knowledge. The online format would also allow for all students to be given an equal amount of time to complete the quiz as the system will automatically open and lock the assignment. Mr Carpenter can choose to automatically mark short answer results by searching for key words or sentences or manually mark student submissions in a quick and organized fashion, reducing the time spent marking outside of class. The same can be said for multiple choice questions in that Socrative effectively performs like a free scantron, automatically marking the correct solutions. Immediate feedback on multiple choice answers will allow students to prepare for any act-related class work to follow without the pressure for Mr Carpenter to complete marking in a timely manner. Socrative’s performance data will also provide Mr Carpenter with valuable information on class trends like which questions students consistently failed or answered correctly. He can use this knowledge as a point of reference when creating future quizzes or to address weak points on plot events in the next class.

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