Technology Tools Implementation Idea – Piktochart

Subject Area: Social Science
Grade 12 English
Topic: Utopian societies
Task: Explain the utopian society you created in a short presentation
Technology Tool: Piktochart


Students collaborated in groups to create a presentation outlining the main features of their imaginary utopian society and how it functioned.

Suggested Use of Technology Tool
Students usually struggle to create an informative yet engaging presentation. Piktochart is a convenient tool that provides students with pre-made templates and creative ways to illustrate ideas and statistics. My group and I could have used Piktochart to create a captivating infographic to illustrate our utopian society.

Why and how would the technology tool improve student learning?
Using Piktochart’s presentation mode to present a topic to the class will give students a stronger understanding of the topic. This is primarily due to the informative visuals provided by Piktochart which capture the attention of students and improve their ability to recall information. Using Piktochart will allow students to practice generation and elaboration since the visuals will spark deeper thinking of the material and students will be provided with the charts, graphs, and diagrams necessary for elaboration.

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