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What is Piktochart?

Piktochart is a web-based infographic website that is easy-to-use while still maintaining a distinct level of professionalism. Users who may not have the same skills or experience as graphic designers can use this tool to create beautiful visual presentations. Based in Malaysia, Piktochart is a freemium site that allows users to pick basic templates and customize them to fit their needs. If more assistance and depth is required, one can also purchase a premium account, which offers a greater variety of templates as well as more extensive formatting options.

How to Use Piktochart in the Classroom: A Complete Guide

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Piktochart is an effective technology tool that can be used in a school environment as well as in a professional environment. One can use Piktochart for course presentations, project visuals, or promotional infographics to create awareness about a topic. This tool is most useful for students who don’t have an extensive background in Photoshop and other graphic designing software.

Creating a Presentation – You can choose between creating an infographic, a presentation, a poster, or report. When clicking on your preferred tool of choice, you can choose between free preset templates provided by Piktochart or start from scratch and customize your own presentation. If you are a paid member, there are many more templates to choose from.

Adding Icons – By clicking on the icon sections of a presentation, you can insert preset cartoons and images that further accentuate and attract attention to your masterpiece.

Adding Visual Tools (graphs, maps, etc) – Tools such as graphs, maps and charts can be added to the infographic to provide a visual representation of information. These graphics can be formatted to fit your unique needs (axis, title, colour, etc.) and add variety to your project.

Exporting Files – Given the option to share and export files through social media networks, evernote, email, or download, a free user has a variety of different ways to distribute their work to the intended audience. Additional methods of exporting are available to paid members such as downloadable PDF format.


Why is Piktochart so useful?

Piktochart allows users to consolidate learning through the following methods:

  • Retrieval practice – One will have to recall information previously learned and apply it on their own to fit the needs of their infographic. Creating an infographic through Piktochart may benefit a student by allowing them to further understand the material due to having had phrased it in their own words.
  • Reflection – Depending on the level of ease at which one is able to recall certain components of the learning material, one can gauge the overall grasp of the topic based on seeing which sections are more difficult. Wherever the knowledge does not come as easily to the user, they will know they need more information on it.
  • Elaboration – One can use elements of what has been learned and expand on it by creating a phrase or making an analogy pertaining to that information. By answering questions on an infographic that readers would likely ask, the creator ensures not only creating questions but also answering them in-depth.
  • Mnemonics – Use of visual aids and charts to help retain information in long-term memory and build connections. PiktoChart can also help students learn a new topic by creating visual connections. By using and forming creative connections when looking at or making infographics, the student gains a deeper understanding of the concepts.


How can Piktochart be used?

  1. Piktochart can teach students about a new topic by creating an infographic pertaining to new course material, for example, students can learn lessons that can be kept and used for quizzes, tests, or exams.
  2. Piktochart allows students to demonstrate knowledge on a topic in an in-depth manner by elaborating on course material. The extent of this knowledge will allow the teacher to analyze the student’s understanding of the information, able to pinpoint the exact sections where students need improvement.
  3. Piktochart encourages creative application of knowledge for any user, by implementing graphs, charts, maps, and images to the topic at hand, ensuring there is a good understanding of the knowledge and proper consolidation of the information.
  4. Piktochart can be used as a long-term resource in the classroom for key ideas and topics. It is an eye-catching tool that can last a long time and be seen by all who walk by it.

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